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Your Crochet on Instagram

I’ve decided I’ll start a “featured Instagrammer” here so this week’s is @polly_pet. Paula shares many beautiful crochet photos. Interspersed with them you’ll find colorful photos of nature, food, kiddos and inspirational sayings. Here’s what she shared:

crochet doll

crochet basket

crochet info

crochet star blanket

crochet mandala

crochet squares

crochet pancake

Such great shares from @polly_pet this week! And here are some of the other instagram crochet photos from this week:

crochet throw

The crochet throw above and crochet bootie below are both from @bethshananne

crochet baby bootie

crochet shoes and headband

Crochet shoes, headband and applique from @joybilee

crochet baby blanket

Terrific crochet baby blanket from @priscillablain

crochet WIP

Join as you go WIP crochet from @sapphire314

crochet afghans

Crochet mile-a-minute afghan shown in different stages from @woolyana

crochet flower mandala

Crochet star/ flower mandala from @caswelljones

crochet blanket

Crochet coziness from @lovetoloop

crochet hook

Great crochet hook! From @classybird28

See all of the great photos shared with me by going to #crochetconcupiscence on Instagram.

My Crochet on Instagram

Some of the things I shared:

instagram crochet

instagram crochet

instagram crochet

instagram crochet

instagram crochet

instagram crochet

That’s a crochet purse I spotted that I think was a fair trade mochila bag, a crochet tshirt yarn bed I made for Miso, a vintage crochet blanket from a thrift fair and then three different photos of some crochet dishcloths I made recently. All of those things will be blogged about on their own in upcoming posts.

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