30 Particularly Colorful Crochet Patterns

You’ve already seen most of these crochet patterns featured in other posts across this blog but I wanted to round them all up together because they offer some of the best recent examples of great use of colorwork in crochet patterns.

crochet mandala blanket pattern

Wink’s mandala blanket crochet pattern free from A Spoonful of Yarn. This unique crochet pattern was inspired by Wink (who was the designer’s sister-in-law) who used her crochet mandalas in different color palettes, turned into squares, to create this amazingly colorful and special crochet afghan.

rose crochet mandala free pattern

Rose mandala doily free crochet pattern from BellaCrochet; see 40+ more crochet mandala patterns hereMandalas are always designed to be really colorful, although theoretically you could make them in neutral or single colors instead. In this example, you could actually even use more colors; each purple row could be a different color for example, but I think it strikes the perfect balance of color.

flower granny square free crochet pattern

Flower granny square free crochet pattern from Stitch Craft Create. This is exactly the kind of crochet pattern that I think of when I think of really colorful crochet. Each crochet square is rich in color – five colors per square – plus there are different colors around the borders of each square, another color for joining and an entirely different color for the blanket border.

crochet summer poncho free pattern

Poncho free crochet pattern by Beautiful Crochet Stuff. The many different colors in this crochet poncho are shown off through the fringe on the bottom!

crochet blanket pattern

Cornucopia crochet blanket pattern for sale from Amanda’s Crochet Blanket Adventures. I don’t know if there is any other designer out there who rivals the marvelous work that this crochet designer does with really simple motifs that are combined in the best colorways.

crochet tote pattern

Strawflower hexagon tote free crochet pattern from Fiber Flux. Neon! Need I say anything else?!

crochet mandala cushion free pattern

Mega Mandala cushion free crochet pattern from Red Agape. This is another example of how the crochet mandala showcases colorwork so well.

crochet cat pattern

Amigurumi crochet kitten pattern for sale from All So Cute. Amigurumi designs aren’t always this colorful so it’s great to see such a super fun design!

crochet blanket pattern

Kaleidoscope Eyes crochet blanket pattern for sale from @feltedbutton. Like Amanda’s Crochet Blanket Adventures, Felted Button has a great talent for working with colorways in blankets. She utilizes more complex designs and motifs and often works a rainbow palette into her designs. I love everything she shows us.

crochet wall hanging tutorial free

Three triangles crochet wall hanging free pattern by The Lazy Hobbyhopper. The addition of beads brings even more color to an already colorful design. And you could make it even more bright and bold by changing up the colors in each of the triangle motifs so that they are all different from one another.

colorful crochet cowl pattern from elkstudio

Colorful crochet cowl free pattern from Elk Studio. Each row is a different color, with just a couple of repeats, in this lovely striped crochet cowl pattern that Kathy generously offers for free.

crochet cowl pattern

Self-striping cowl crochet pattern for sale from Gleeful Things. The yarn itself is what is colorful here and it’s a great example of how a self-striping yarn can be used to make a pretty pattern. This is also a great example of how colorful patterns can be muted palettes, not just bold ones.

fall crochet cowl pattern

Fall cowgirl free crochet cowl pattern from Jessie At Home. Here’s another example of a slightly muted palette that is still very colorful. You can see that it’s inspired by the colors of autumn leaves, which are of course some of the most beautiful color combinations nature has to offer.

crochet blanket pattern

Desert in Bloom crochet blanket pattern for sale from The Lazy Hobbyhopper. I’m from Arizona and while we don’t have trees that change color we do see color pop into our work when the desert is lit up with flowers in early spring. This crochet blanket pattern showcases those types of colors.

crochet shawl free pattern

Shawl free crochet pattern from Selina of Simply Collectible, sharing a self-striping colorful palette of yarn.

log cabin crochet blanket pattern

Log cabin crochet blanket free pattern from Moogly. This is yet another example of how self-striping yarn does all of the heavy lifting and gives you a fabulous colorful piece that you didn’t have to work hard to obtain.

crochet boho vest pattern for sale

Fringed crochet boho vest pattern for sale from Natalia Kononova. With color changes in each square and a variety of different colored squares laid out across this long vest pattern, you get rich colors and a pretty design.

hexagon scarf free crochet pattern

Hexagon scarf free crochet pattern from Fiber Flux. The same color around the edge of each motif ties together the different colorways laid out in each individual item and creates a colorful scarf that looks well put together.

crochet blanket pattern

Sally Blanket crochet pattern for sale from Felted Button. The joining on this crochet blanket is especially unique and the right color choice for the joining yarn could really make all of the different colors pop!

flower power baby blanket

New crochet blanket pattern for sale from Cherry Heart. It’s like a garden!

crochet baby blanket

Colorful crochet baby blanket free pattern @crochetspot

crochet pillow pattern

Frilly striped crochet pillow cover free pattern from Lazy Hobbyhopper

colorful crochet pencil case free pattern

Colorful crochet pencil case free pattern from Fiber Flux

striped hot air balloon free crochet pattern

Striped hot air balloon free crochet appliqué pattern from Crochet Spot. As you can see from this crochet pattern and the one above, rainbows are always great inspiration when you want to make a colorful piece.

southwest crochet blanket free pattern

Southwest crochet blanket free pattern from All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns. This is a stunning example of the use of many, many different colors in one blanket without a final look being too gaudy.

men's crochet hat pattern

This unisex crochet hat made with men in mind is a great crochet hat pattern for sale from ACCROchet that shows how colorful patterns can work for guys too.

colorful crochet beanie pattern

Crochet summer beanie free pattern from Beautiful Crochet Stuff. This would look even more dramatic if each row were a different color instead of repeating the same three (red, yellow, orange). You could do this one in rainbow.

crochet bookmark free pattern

Thread crochet bookmark free pattern. Fiber Flux created this simple crochet pattern that uses variegated colorful thread to make an impact on even a small item.

striped jelly jar covers free crochet pattern

Striped jelly jar cover free crochet pattern. Here’s another colorful crochet pattern from Fiber Flux.

crochet mandala pattern

Maya from The Little Treasures created a free crochet mandala pattern in honor of Wink and the #MandalasForMarinke remembrance project. Yes, more mandalas because they show off color better than anything else!

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