Mandalas for Marinke has received so many great crochet mandala contributions, and the deadline has been extended so even more people can participate. I suggested that people use Wink’s mandala patterns, because it’s a great way to allow her work to continue inspiring others even though she is now gone. However, the project does accept crochet mandalas of any design, and a lot of people have asked me where to get good designs, so I thought I’d round up some other crochet mandala patterns in addition to Wink’s.

CAROCreated’s Crochet Mandala Patterns

CAROCreated on Etsy makes beautiful crochet mandala patterns. She’s been making them for some time and in fact inspired Wink to make crochet mandalas. Here is a look at her patterns for sale through Etsy:

overlay crochet mandala

crochet circles mandala pattern by carocreated granny crochet mandala pattern by carocreated blue crochet mandala pattern by carocreated carocreated crochet mandala crochet mandala design pattern by carocreated carocreated crochet mandala pattern crochet mandala pattern by carocreated overlay crochet mandala pattern for sale

More Crochet Mandala Patterns

crochet mandala pattern

Maya from The Little Treasures created a free crochet mandala pattern in honor of Wink and the #MandalasForMarinke remembrance project.

hope mandala crochet pattern

Stitchhikers also created a free mandala crochet pattern for Wink called Carry-On: A Mandala of Hope

crochet mandala free pattern

Red Agape Style and Design created the Mandy Mandala, a free crochet mandala pattern that immediately become popular. She also created a variation called the Mega Mandala Cushion Pattern, a free pattern to dress up your home mandala style!

crochet mandala square pattern

Keito Palette has modified Wink’s crochet picot mandala into a square!

crochet mandala pattern

Fair Isle Mandala free crochet pattern from Sue Pinner

starflower crochet mandala free pattern

Starflower crochet mandala free pattern from Zooty Owl

mandala crochet

Granny Circle mandala free crochet pattern by Crochet with Raymond

mandala crochet pattern

Mandala crochet pattern (and stool cover) for sale from Felted Button

crochet mandala pattern

Tree mandala crochet pattern for sale from Jenny Lawson on Ravelry

crochet mandala free pattern

Sun mandala free crochet pattern from Pops de Milk

rainbow crochet mandala pattern

Rainbow crochet mandala free pattern by Oona Linnett

crochet mandala free pattern

Crochet mandala free pattern by @dedristrydom

mandala wheels crochet pattern

Mandala Wheels free crochet pattern from Lucy of Attic24

crochet mandala pattern

Crochet mandala free pattern from Made with Loops

crochet mandala pattern

Free Crochet Mandala Pattern from Rescued Paw

starry mandala crochet pattern

Starry mandala crochet pattern for sale from Agrarian Artisan

north sea crochet mandala pattern

North Sea Mandala free crochet pattern from Lilla Bjorn

crochet mandala pattern

Crochet mandala pattern free from Bunny Mummy

crochet mandala

Sunset mandala free crochet pattern from Gramma Rita’s Crochet

crochet mandala pattern by moogly

Magic Spike Mandala free crochet pattern from Moogly

crochet mandala free pattern

Crochet mandala hoop free pattern and tutorial from @mamainastitch

mini rings of crochet crochet rug pattern

Mini Rings of Change crochet mandala free Ravelry pattern

crochet mandala dartboard free pattern

Crochet Mandala Dartboard free pattern from WallflowerGal

seafoam cal mandala pillow

Sea-Foam Mandala Pillow free crochet pattern from Crochet Memories; photo by Alice

Some Older Crochet Mandala Patterns

I’ve shared the following mandala crochet patterns previously wanted to include them again here because that post is a few years old. When I first did that post, there were almost no crochet mandala patterns to be found. Wink’s work is definitely one of the reasons that this piece of crochet art became so popular in the past few years!

crochet mandala pattern

Little Spring Mandala by Barbara in K-town

african flower mandala

African Flower crochet mandala free pattern by Crochet with Raymond

mandala crochet rug

Sol Maldonado’s T-shirt Yarn Mandala Rug crochet pattern

Mandala Rug Crochet Patterns

That last one above inspired me to want to make sure to include some more crochet mandala rug patterns before wrapping up this roundup. Note that some of these were designed as “doily rugs or just rugs with no specific designation but they have the same impact as the mandala rug design in my opinion and I love them so I’m including them.

Doily Rug Crochet Pattern

T-shirt yarn doily rug free crochet pattern from Crochet in Paternoster who also shares a great roundup of 6 more t-shirt yarn doily rug patterns

crochet mandala rug free pattern

Crochet mandala rug free pattern from He is Hooked

mandala crochet rug pattern

Shocking Mandala Crochet Rug free pattern from Moogly

crochet rug free pattern

Crochet rug free pattern from @molliemakes

crochet rug free pattern

Crochet circle rug free pattern from K and J Dolls

Super chunky doily rug pattern for sale from Erin Black

Super chunky doily rug pattern for sale from Erin Black

crochet rug pattern

Radiance floor rug crochet pattern for sale from @spincushions


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Exactly what I wanted, I’m about to make a new rug for home. Nice ideas, thank you for that post!

  2. A fabulous Mandala Round Up Kathryn!
    I’m pinning them all!
    Thanks for including my doily rug.

  3. I’m in love with each and every one of these! What an amazing collection of patterns. I’m really honored to be included. Thanks Kathryn!

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  18. Maria Nuñez Reply

    Muy buenos trábajos me gustaría los patrones de algunos de ellos será posible

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  22. Buenos dias yo quiero agradecerles por todas las mandalas q publicaron estan bellisimas, yo quiero aprender hacerlas para calmar mi mente y alma setia una terapia excelente, si me pudieran indicar el paso a paso por favor estaria eternamente muy agradecidas.

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