Crochet Dream Catcher Patterns, Tutorials and Inspiration

After sharing an exercise about crocheting a dream catcher as a way to help you realize your artistic dreams, I just had to do a roundup of inspiration crochet dream catchers. Some of these are patterns or tutorials, others are just here to inspire you! These include many that are round, as is traditional, but also some in other motif shapes. They aren’t all strictly dream catchers but definitely inspired by both their design and the intention.

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Round Crochet Dream Catchers

Crochet dreamcatcher pattern by Little Things Blogged via Craftbits

How to Crochet a Dreamcatcher, free pattern by Little Things Blogged, via CraftBits. This is a straightforward design that uses an embroidery hoop for the center and combines mixed media ribbons for the tassels that hang down. A beautiful color palette is shown here, but of course you could design your own in any style.

crochet dream catcher tutorial

DIY Crochet Dream Catcher tutorial by Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts via FibreShare; this one incorporates some recycled fabric into the design

hula hoop dream catcher tutorial

Hula hoop dream catcher free pattern from Naztazia, a great, large, mandala-inspired crochet pattern with bold colors. You could add ribbons, feathers or tassels to the bottom to give it the dream catcher design.

how to crochet dream catcher

Crochet dream catcher free pattern from Amy’s Crochet Patterns … this one has crochet chains for tassels, which is a smart idea!

crochet dream catcher free pattern

Grandma Perkins Magical Dream Catcher Frisbee, a free pattern offered as a download on Ravelry. It is made with removable tassels so it can be used as a Frisbee, which is certainly a unique way to use a dream catcher inspired design.

crochet dream catcher pattern

Easy crochet dream catcher tutorial from Caught on a Whim, with just a sprinkle of beads in the center to capture the light.

lyndapc crochet granny circle dreamcatcher

Beautiful granny circle crochet dream catcher by Lynda Carroll who also made this one below:

lyndapc crochet dreamcatcher

As you can see, any round crochet pattern can be fit inside of a frame to begin making a dream catcher. then you add tassels and other accessories. Beads, as seen here, are a great addition as well.

thecosmiccrafter_ crochet dreamcatcher

Two very different styles of crochet dream catchers by The Cosmic Crafter. The rainbow yarn tassels are inspiring, but I also love the mixed media green circle with a tree in the center. Of course, this is not a traditional dream catcher since it is open but it is a great art piece derived from that inspiration.

laura_makes crochet dreamcatcher

Crochet dream catcher with crochet feathers are by Laura_Makes. Any crochet feather or leaf patterns would be terrific to add in place of tassels on a dream catcher.

atnanasknee crochet dreamcatcher

Crochet dreamcatcher posted on Instagram by @atnanasknee, which appears to no longer be an active account. I like the color choice here. And I also like how it is tightly closed in the center then more and more open as it works outward.

_marihohana crochet mandala dreamcatcher

Gorgeous white and gold dream catcher by _marihohana on Instagram, also an account that seems to be inactive. I remember when I was young and first learned how to curl ribbon using the side of a pair of scissors; this makes me want to do that again to create dream catcher tassels!

crochet dreamcatchers

These beautiful rainbow crochet dream catchers were made by artist Renate Kirkpatrick. She always does outstanding work and we can see that here in the mixture of sizes, colors, stitches and beads.

doily dreamcatchers driftwood

Driftwood and doilies dreamcatcher wall hanging from Etsy’s FoundandFeathers, who offers many other examples in the shop. I like the natural, organic colors and materials used in these.

crochet dreamcatchers woolyana

These dreamcatchers are made by Woolyana. You can make many dream catcher in the same style, different only in the colors of their feathers and beads.

crochet mini mandala dreamcatcher by tammy

Mini mandala crochet dream catcher by Tammy, a part of the Mandalas for Marinke project

Crochet Dream Catchers In Non-Traditional Motifs

how to crochet a hexagon dreamcatcher

Hexagon crochet dream catcher free pattern by Kat Goldin for Mollie Makes – a wall art hanging uses yarn tassels in place of feathers

granny square dreamcatcher

Granny Square wall hanging with dream catcher inspiration – pattern for sale on Ravelry from Erin Black. I love how the yarn tassels on this one bring color to an otherwise white design.

sweet_sharna crochet dream catchers

This tasseled square dream catcher was made by Sweet Sharna. The tassels seem to be what ties many of the non-traditional shapes together, giving them that dream catcher feeling in a new way.

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    • Lynda, how do you connect your work to the circle or whatever type frame you have? I have seen different ones and am interested in making these.

  1. Please I would like to have the patterns for the dream catchers I checked them out and love every one, can you help me with them , thank you

  2. Thank you for posting this. My granddaughter has been wanting a dream catcher for her bad dreams. I KNEW there had to be a crochet pattern out there for one. Boy, was I surprised to find these! I’ve since made THREE!!! And she loves every one!!! Wish I could share the ones I’ve made!

  3. Actually, the center of dream catchers ARE supposed to be open to let the bad dreams through. I’ve been making the traditional dreamcatchers for years and find the crocheted ones fascinating.

    • Sorry, the legend is the dream catcher stops the bad dreams and lets the good ones fall down on the sleeper through the center hole.


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