Top 5 Yarns for Winter

The winter season gives us the opportunity to crochet with some of the most luscious, squishiest, coziest, warmest yarns that exist on the market. This is especially true if you live in a place with distinct seasons – where it’s too warm to crochet with heavy yarn during the summer months (vice versa if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). When those chillier months come upon us, it’s the perfect time to embrace those bulkier, heat-holding yarn options. It makes crafting more enjoyable and it makes the most sense for items that you’ll be using at this time of year. So what are the best yarns for winter? Here are five top choices for winter yarns:

Asana Bulky by Galler Yarns

Superfine Alpaca Peruvian Highland Wool1

The amazing thing about this yarn is that it is a bulky weight yarn but it is also light in actual weight, making it a perfect choice for winter clothing and accessories, especially for people who like to layer. This great feature of Asana Bulky is thanks to the fiber combination of Superfine Alpaca with wool that comes from Peruvian Highland Sheep. These sheep live in high altitudes and have developed fur that is softer but also keeps them warmer in comparison with other sheep. It’s absolutely perfect for them and cozy for those of us who get the opportunity to crochet with it!

Crazy Sexy Wool by Wool and the Gang

wool and the gang thick wool

Wool and the Gang used this yarn in many of the patterns for their Autumn Winter Collection and with good reason – it’s perfect for those chilly months! This is also a Peruvian wool, but it is 100% wool rather than a wool blend. It is super soft and squishy … and it’s a super bulky weight. This kind of really heavy yarn allows you to make “chunky knits” (in crochet), which tend to trend in the winter months.

Patons Classic Wool in Worsted Weight

91 ClV2GsML. SL1500

There are a lot of times, during any season, when what we need is an affordable worsted weight yarn. Wool is ¬†always a good choice for winter and Patons Classic Wool is one good option because it is temperature-regulating yarn. It comes in an excellent array of colors including solids and prints, giving you a lot of versatility for making many different projects. It’s the kind of yarn that can be used to make home decor items as well as wearables. It has more than 200 yards per skein, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Fingering/ Sock Yarn from Ancient Arts

ancient arts yarn 4

You don’t have to choose a bulky weight yarn for winter crochet. In fact, depending on what you’re making, a lightweight yarn can be the best choice. For example, crochet socks are a great chilly weather project. Ancient Arts offers a terrific selection of fingering / sock yarns that are perfect for making wooly accessories to keep your toes warm. Try their 75% Superwash Extra Fine Merino / 25% Silk blend for a sock yarn that is extra warm but also silky soft. You’ll never want to wear anything but handmade socks again!

Block Printed Sari Silk Ribbon by Darn Good Yarn

handmade sari ribbon yarn

Many people use the early winter months to crochet gifts for the holidays. Although it doesn’t have the same kind of warmth as the other yarns on the list, this block printed ribbon yarn has to be included because of its rich potential for making beautiful, one of a kind holiday items. This is reclaimed sari silk yarn so it is a sustainable choice that is perfect for eco-minded crafters who don’t want to add to waste around the holidays.

Ultimately, the yarn that you choose for winter crochet is going to depend on what you want to make. If you’re looking to make hats, sweaters and blankets then it’s terrific to work with a thick, bulky weight, cozy wool yarn. If you’re making fashion gloves or crochet socks then you’ll need a lighter weight of yarn but still want to look at wool – particularly wool blends that add extra softness. When choosing winter yarns think plush and warm, indulging in the touch of the yarn more than in any other season.


Kathryn Vercillo

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