I was happy recently to be able to try one of the new crochet kits from Wool and the Gang, featuring their Crazy Sexy Wool, a yarn that I love. I previously used that yarn when working with their Circle Game Cushion Kit. While it’s great for a cushion, it’s even better for clothing because of how super cozy it is.

An Oversized Crochet Sweater Pattern

Like the Rose Cardigan Crochet Kit, the sizing on the Handy Dandy Jumper is particularly oversized. If you like clothing that is super comfy, the kind that you can just snuggle yourself into, then this is the kind of thing that you will like. I adapted the sizing a little bit for myself because I’m particularly petite and it was still a bit large on me, but I like having a good large sweater around the house for chilly days (reducing the need to use the home’s heater) so I was happy with the end results.

About This Crochet Sweater Pattern

This crochet sweater is built using double crochet stitches, so it is simple to crochet, but I still learned a few things from working on it. I love the way that they played with the color changes on this crochet sweater, although I actually ended up re-working mine so that the smallest strip of color was at the bottom of the sweater instead of the top like intended. I also liked the construction on this one; it shows how you can take four rectangles without any shaping and attaching them in a way that makes for a well-shaped crochet sweater.

About This Crochet Pattern Kit

Like with all of the Wool and the Gang crochet kits, this one comes with everything that you need in a neat package. You can choose the three colors of yarn that you want so that you are able to make the sweater that is unique to you. You will receive ample amounts of that yarn, along with the crochet pattern, a large crochet hook suitable to the yarn and pattern, and a tapestry needle for weaving in the ends of this bulky weight yarn. The hooks and needles are a great addition to your stash of tools. The crochet pattern is written for several sizes.

Autumn Winter Collection

The Handy Dandy Jumper is part of the Autumn Winter Collection of patterns from Wool and the Gang. This collection includes 25 patterns, about one third of which are crochet patterns. They are made with several different yarn options but they are all cozy yarns.

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