Small Projects, Large Hooks! 15 Quick Free Crochet Patterns for Holiday Gifts

The holidays are quickly sneaking up on us. Luckily, you still have time to crochet plenty of handmade gifts. When you work small projects with large hooks, it doesn’t take much time at all to get the job done. All of these fifteen free crochet patterns are for projects that use less than 150 yards of yarn and are worked with an M or N size crochet hook.

1. Quick Pretty Crochet Scarflette

free crochet scarflette pattern

I think that this free Lion Brand crochet pattern for a scarflette would work as a gift for girls of many ages.

2. Crochet Nesting Bowls

nesting crochet bowls

Moogly offers a free crochet pattern for these make-them-quickly crochet nesting bowls. Give a set as a gift on their own or fill one with candies or soaps.

3. Felted Crochet iPod Case

felted crochet ipod case

This free Ravelry download pattern from Noelle Williams could be used to personalize an iPod you’re giving as a gift or just given as a small gift of its own.

4. Easy Little Baby Sweater

free crochet pattern baby sweater

CrochetKitten calls this the 3 hour baby sweater. Make one for every baby you know this Christmas!

5. Novelty Yarn Shawlette

crochet shawl pattern

Designer Diane Serviss calls this the Angel Hair Scarflette, but I think it looks more like a shawletter. It uses novelty yarn and large hooks to make a pretty accessory in a short amount of time. Free Ravelry pattern.

6. Crochet Necktie

crochet necktie

Crochet Colored Glasses shares the free pattern for this quick-to-make ribbed crochet necktie.

7. Crochet Cloche Hat

free crochet cloche hat pattern

Crochet Today offers a free crochet cloche hat pattern that can be worked up fast since it uses an N hook. Make it solid like this one or alternate colors each row to make it striped.

8. Quick Chemo Crochet Caps

crochet chemo cap pattern

Many people enjoy donating items to charity during the holidays. Crochet chemo caps are a great item to donate. This free pattern from Deb’s Crafts is one option for a design for making a bunch of them.

9. Buttoned Crochet Cowl

button crochet cowl pattern

A crochet cowl is a great gift for almost anyone. This one was decorative buttons. Note that the free ravelry pattern is written using British crochet terms. If you love buttons, check out this roundup of projects that combine buttons and crochet.

10. Scalloped Crochet Cowl

free crochet cowl pattern

Another good free crochet pattern for a quick-to-make cowl is the Scallop Edged cowl from The Cozy Corner, which has a single decorative button.

11. Fast Crochet Roses

free pattern crochet roses

Make up a bunch of these crochet roses, which are worked up with an M hook, and then you’ll have them for all sorts of last minute gifts. You can add them to packaging instead of bows. Or you can put together a bouquet of them to give to people – a great gift for unexpected visitors who you don’t want to send away emptyhanded. Free pattern from DROPS design.

12. Scrunchy, Slouchy Slipper Socks

crochet socks free pattern

Lion brand offers a free crochet socks pattern in kids’ sizes as well as adults. Socks are always a great Christmas gift. Plus many of us haven’t made crochet socks before so it offers a chance to work on a new type of project.

13. Crochet Drawstring Bag

crochet bag

Berroco offers the free crochet pattern for this crochet drawstring shoulder bag. It can be the gift or can serve as the unique packaging for the gift.

14. Crochet Fabric Yarn Pod

crochet yarn pod

Neauveau Fiber Art shares the quick free crochet pattern for this yarn pod made from recycled fabric. What is a yarn pod, you ask? It’s a carrying case for your latest crochet or knitting project. Make one for yourself and for every crafter you know this Christmas!

15. Crochet Hook Vase

crochet hook vase pattern

Make yourself a little crochet hook case to keep all of your supplies organized while you work on everyone’s gifts this year! Or check out these other ways to organize crochet hooks.

Which types of projects are you likely to make for holiday gifts this year?

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