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25 Yarn and Crochet Apps

Crochet may be an old art form but that doesn’t mean that it’s out of date. Today’s crochet artists use the hottest technology, including apps on their smartphones, iPods and tablets, to improve their crochet experience. Looking for a crochet, craft or yarn app? Start here! CROCHET SPECIFIC APPS Some of these apps include information related to other needle arts but they all have an emphasis on crochet: CraftVideo: Crochet. This iPhone app has 20+ crochet tutorials in video format to assist you in learning to crochet. It’s good for beginners and for refreshing on the basics of crochet. It has an in-app chat option for people who are interested in communicating with a wider crochet community. It’s $1.99 on iTunes. Crochet Cards. This free Android app lets you store and tag your crochet projects (with or without images) so that you can keep them organized, search through them, etc.…