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Finnish Dye Company Creates One-of-a-Kind Crochet Lamp Kits

Lappajärvi Dye Works is a company in Finland that launched in the late ’70s to sell wholesale and retail weaving and craft materials and also specializing “in dyeing, bleaching and washing carpet rags, cords and yarn”. I just found out about the company this week because Babble posted about their new line of crochet-it-yourself lamps called Valoa Virkaten. Through further research, I found that this product line is one of the products of the iam design office, which has the stated purpose of working on challenging products with open minded people. There it says the following about the crochet Finnish lamps: Valoa Virkaten is a product, that every user could produce themselves by following the instructions. For this reason, every Valoa virkaten –lamp is unique. “We want to continue the traditional crafts skills by bringing them into today’s environment.” So I am assuming that you get a kit with the materials,…