Revisiting the Beautiful Crochet of Sophie Digard

Back in mid-2012 I did extensive research to learn more and share about the stunning crochet work that is done by Sophie Digard. I was recently reminded of that article through a link on Facebook (designer Dora Ohrenstein mentioned that she’d learned some of the details about Sophie from that article). I love Sophie’s work and I see it pop up from time to time but really it doesn’t get mentioned a lot in the regular stream of crochet information. And because of that I got curious and wanted to find more of Sophie’s amazing crochet that I hadn’t showcased in that first article. So here’s a luscious eye candy roundup of what Sophie Digard does in crochet.

Crochet Sophie Digard Scarves Sold At French Needle

Here is a small selection of the scarves Sophie Digard sells through The French Needle. I’ve tried to show a selection of full scarves and detailed close-ups so you can get a sense of the overall color impression of her work as well as the intricacy of it.

crochet color block scarf digard

detail of sophie digard crochet scarf

crochet motif scard digard

crochet scarf detail digard

crochet scarf by sophie digard

squares digard crochet scarf

jewel tone crochet scarf digard

linen crochet scarf digard

sophie digard crochet scarves

Crochet Sophie Digard Accessories at Selvedge

Sophie Digard is know for her crochet scarves but she also makes bags, jewelry, home items and other accessories. The French Needle does sell some of those but I wanted to highlight the ones I liked most at Selvedge. Most of these are items for babies. You can’t quite tell but the first image is of a beret for baby.

sophie digard crochet baby beret

shopie digard crochet baby outfit

sohpie digard crochet baby shoes

sophie digard crochet baby trousers

sophie digard crochet stars

Sophie Digard Crochet Wraps at Loop Knitting

Loop Knitting is selling some of Sophie Digard’s crochet now so I thought I’d share a couple of their detailed photos of her crochet wraps.

shopie digard crochet wrap flowers

shopie digard crochet wrap

sophie digard crochet wrap detail

Sophie Digard Crochet Purses at L’Uccello

Finally here are a couple of the beautiful crochet bags that Sophie Digard sells through L’Uccello.

sophie digard crochet purse motif

sophie digard crochet purse

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