Let’s Explore a World of Crochet Pigeons

Knithacker recently did a fun roundup of knit and crochet pigeons that I enjoyed. Then when I was looking at the newest work from Olek I saw what looks to be a crochet pigeon there so I was inspired to do some poking around and see what crochet pigeons I could find around the web for my own roundup.

laurel roth crochet pigeons

Crochet artist Laurel Roth has an entire series called Biodiversity Suits for Crochet Pigeons; the one at the top of this post is also from this series.

olek crochet pigeon

Olek’s crochet pigeon, from her recent show  in Spain

crochet pigeons

In my search I came across @thepigeonloft – an entire blog devoted to creative crochet pigeons dressed in interesting costumes. The blog is quiet now but ran for several years and has a wonderful archive of crochet pigeons.crochet messenger pigeon Ksenia Design on Etsy sells a cute crochet messenger pigeon pattern

colorful crochet pigeon

This colorful crochet pigeon is by Anne-Claire Petit

crochet pigeon etsy

Arlington The Crochet Pigeon is sold by BluephoneStudios on Etsy

amigurumi crochet pigeon

The Rootbound Yinzer made this crochet pigeon a few years back

amigurumi pigeons

These amigurumi crochet pigeons are sold on Etsy by Lejardinedeceline

lavender crochet pigeon

This little 3″ tall lavender crochet pigeon is sold on Etsy by AiySeeArt

crochet pigeon

CrochetRoo made this crochet pigeon casserole dish topper.

crocheted pigeon

This crochet pigeon was shared by WhenAWorld on Flickr.

whimsical wild crochet pigeon

Etsy’s Woodsprite’s World created this unique whimsical take on a crochet pigeon.

crochet pigeon pattern

Want to make your own crochet pigeon? Here’s a free crochet baby pigeon pattern.

crochet pigeon patterns

And MyGurumi sells a crochet pigeon pattern.


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