Crochet Shoes: 15 Creative, Stylish and Varied Patterns

Making crochet shoes is actually a lot more simple than it might at first sound. They are similar to crochet socks, but often with more flair and style.

Many crochet shoe patterns will have details on how to include a working sole, either using the bottom half of a flip-flop or leather pieces you can crochet onto.

Other patterns are meant to be house shoes, with more slipper-like qualities, while still others are barefoot shoes that allow you to walk the earth with your bare feet while still sporting a stylish design.

We’ve gathered 15 different shoe patterns for you here, of varying styles and patterns that you can use or take inspiration from to create your own unique set!

Cute Crochet Shoe Patterns

Explore a curated collection of crochet shoe, slipper, and bootie patterns that combine creativity and comfort.

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