13 Adorable Mini Yarn Balls You Won’t Want To Miss

What’s even better than a regular yarn ball? A mini one, of course! Sure, you won’t be unwinding these skeins to crochet a new project, but these itty-bitty yarn balls are so cute!

Add these scaled-down balls of yarn to an earring or ornament, and they’re an ideal gift for a craft lover.

They’re also the perfect addition to a dollhouse or diorama. After all, a dollhouse wouldn’t reflect our real homes if it didn’t have some yarn hanging around!

We’ve rounded up some of the most adorable and creative uses of these miniature skeins.

13 Mini Yarn Balls You Can't Miss

What is it that makes miniature things so adorable? We're not sure why they're so cute, but we do know that you won't want to miss oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over these mini yarn balls.

From accessories to dollhouse miniatures, we've rounded up 13 adorable mini yarn balls. Let's take a look!

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