50 Famous Fashion Designers With Eyes for Crochet

In 2011, Crochet Concupiscence started a project called The Designer Crochet project. Using Simone Werle’s 50 Fashion Designers You Should Know as a reference, this project explores the work of 50 famous fashion designers with eyes for crochet.

In these posts, you can expect to learn a brief history of the designer and how their career began. We’ll look at any crochet designs in current collections while showcasing any stand-out crochet pieces from past work.

50 Famous Fashion Designers and the Crochet They've Shared With the World

We hope this collection helps you explore fashion designers whose work resonates with you and that you learn from their techniques.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer that uses crochet or that you wish would put crochet on the runway?

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