Ralph Lauren and Crochet Fashion (Our Favorite Collection)

Explore another influential fashion designer, Ralph Lauren – the casual coy culture shaper.

We’ve been working our way through a list of 50 famous fashion designers that influenced the way fashion is done today. We’ve been doing it through a lens of crochet and finding in what ways artists still incorporate the craft in today’s trends.

Today, let’s take a look at Ralph Lauren – his career, style, and continued influence on today’s fashion.

Ralph Lauren is known for making “fashion for people who actually don’t want to be fashionable,” as quoted from 50 Fashion Designers You Should Know by Simone Werle. This matches with the casually classic style we see reflected in his brand still today.

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Werle goes on to say that Lauren offered a new style that is considered the American Style of fashion and what we now call sportswear. It gives comfort and ease and luxury in a non-glamorous yet revered way.

The Start of Ralph Lauren

Born in the Bronx, New York, Ralph started his fashion foray as a teenager by working in menswear shops. In 1967 he launched his first line – uniquely, a line of neckties. The neckties were quite successful so he was able to follow them the next year with his first men’s collection.

He quickly won the Coty Award for his menswear line. Just three years after his menswear launch, he released his first women’s collection. In 1981, Ralph Lauren became the first American fashion designer to open a flagship store in Europe.

Today, Ralph Lauren has a net worth of over seven billion dollars and ranks in the top 100 wealthiest billionaires on the Forbes list as of 2019.

The Influence of Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s most notable design is his Polo Ralph Lauren where he made the Polo style a staple in American everyday wear, even still today. These polos were the crossover between casual wear and sportswear, letting the style edges blur to usher in a whole new wave of athletic wear.

However, Ralph Lauren also has quite an interest in filmmaking fashion and is seen designing for many major motion pictures, such as the 1970’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby, Annie Hall, and even more recently, the BBC TV series Downton Abbey.

Fun fact: Ralph Lauren’s fashion house is headquartered in the same building as Donna Karan and Oscar de la Renta.

Ralph Lauren and Crochet

Throughout his decades of designing and creating, Ralph Lauren has always included crochet in the subtle details and designs. Crochet gives an air of flowy ease and Lauren capitalizes on this with simple yet pleasing designs that make up the basics of ones wardrobe.

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