30+ Crochet Pumpkins, Ghosts, Witches, and More Halloween Crochet Inspiration

A few days ago we looked at Halloween crochet patterns but I think the real fun of this holiday for crafters is to take inspiration and run with it in creating their own unique designs. Here’s a roundup of Halloween/ autumn crochet photos designed to inspire your own DIY crafting. Where there’s an @name, you’ll find the maker on Instagram!

Crochet Pumpkins

loucamp crochet pumpkin

Little crochet pumpkins by @loucamp (above and below)

loucamp crochet pumpkin

traceytodhunter crochet amigurumi pumpkinLittle crochet pumpkins by @traceytodhunter

gigididthis crochet pumpkin hat

Baby in a crochet pumpkin hat by @gigididthis

yarnfreak crochet pumpkin pie

Crochet pumpkin pie by @yarnfreak

ellycaruthers crochet pumpkins

Crochet pumpkins by @ellycaruthers

bechancer crochet pumpkin

Crochet pumpkin by @bechancer

priscillablain crochet pumpkin hat

Baby in a crochet pumpkin hat by @priscillablain

make_the_nest crochet pumpkin hats

Child’s crochet pumpkin hat by make_the_nest

valerieburns crochet pumpkin

Crochet pumpkin by @valerieburns

sweet_sharna_makes crochet pumpkin

Small crochet pumpkin by sweet_sharna

holly_pips crochet pumpkin

Little crochet pumpkin by @holly_pips


Autumn crochet pumpkins by @hanrosieg

woolyana halloween crochet

Happy Halloween pumpkin from @woolyana

priscillablain_crochet_pumpkins priscillablain_crochet_pumpkin

Woolly pumpkins by @priscillablain

Crochet Skulls

crochet sugar skulls by kim.sofia1

Crochet sugar skulls by @kim.sofia1

vaynilla_love crochet flower skullCrochet skull with flowers by @vaynilla_love

crochet skull

Skull by Crochet Artist Caitlin McCormack

crochet skull scarf

Lilith Etih made this embroidery, felt and crochet skull scarf

crochet skull

animated skull doily via Craftster; see more animated crochet GIFs here

pomdermy art skull

Pomdermy art skull by yarndermy artist Troy Emery

Crochet Spiders and Spiderwebs

spiderwebspoint crochet halloween spiders


spiderweb crochet necklace

Spiderweb crochet necklace by AmorArt

crochet spider web umbrella

Spiderweb umbrella by AberrantCrochet

crochet cape

My spiderweb crochet circle vest

And More Halloween Crochet

franloveswool crochet ghost halloween

Cochet ghost by @franloveswool

halloween crochet

Halloween lalylala crochet dolls

drag queen crochet

Crochet costume for Katya be Debbie Elkes

pat ahern crochet halloween

Crochet artist Pat Ahern’s Halloween Mr. T costume

olek art

Crochet art by Olek with Miss Van

gigididthis halloween crochet hook pumpkin

Pumpkin with crochet hooks for skull and crossbones – @gigididthis


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