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Crochet artist Olek currently has an exhibit at London’s StolenSpace Gallery that’s a collaboration with artist Miss Van, where each is paying homage to the other artist in their work. The exhibit runs for just a few more days. Here’s some more info about it (taken from the gallery’s press release).

crochet art olek

Image via Juxtapoz

Olek <3 Miss Van

olek art

“Olek’s exhibition title, ‘Let’s not get caught, let’s keep going’, borrows itself from a Thelma and Louise film quote which reminds the artist of her friendship with Miss Van: “I love watching movies – I watch hundreds of them while I work. During the first steps of my creation of this work, I revisited this movie. It reminded me of the first steps of a beautiful relationship between two women. Vanessa truly is a person who you can steal horses with.”

Feminist Crochet Art

stolenspace olekThis image came from a preview post by @hifructosemag – see the post for more images and info

“Transforming spaces and objects, OLEK’s art explores sexuality, feminist ideals and the evolution of communication through colors, conceptual exploration and meticulous detail. OLEK consistently pushes the boundaries between fashion, art, craft and public art, fluidly combining the sculptural and the fanciful. As an active supporter of women’s rights, sexual equality, and freedom of expression, OLEK has used the broad appeal of her work to display her solidarity with those stifled by oppressive laws worldwide. Through her work, OLEK has always sought to bring colour and life, energy, and surprise to the living space.”

Crochet Masks

olek crochet artVia Twitter

“Olek has recreated several of Miss Van’s favourite paintings in crochet form and will be displaying these artworks as photographic representations. Focusing on the masks which appear in both their work, Olek has worked with masks herself in both her artworks and performances for years, she brings Miss Van’s painted masks to life in crochet. Along with these new works, Olek will cover the gallery floor to ceiling in her signature crochet.”


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