I just came upon an interview with crochet artist Caitlin McCormack that got me curious about the kind of work that she’s creating.

About Crochet Artist Caitlin McCormack

crochet fish skeleton

Artist Caitlin McCormack works in two distinct mediums – crochet and illustration. She said in her recent interview, “I’m able to use different kinds of symbolism with each. I think they definitely feed off each other. I find myself thinking of things to do in one medium while I’m working with the other one.” Caitlin recently exhibited at Paradigm Gallery for Art Basel and will be returning there later in the year for a solo exhibition.

More About Caitlin’s Crochet Art

crochet creature

Caitlin explained in the aforementioned interview that she thinks aobut her past experiences and considers the animals that were present in her life at the time of the experience, animals that she says are totems of a sort. For example, she says that one piece of a rat “was constructed following multiple deaths in my family. During that time, I was engrossed in Gunter Grass’ novel The Rat. I also saw a rat in my courtyard.” She sketches the idea of the skeleton from her memory (so it’s a little dreamlike and not exact) and then she begins building the crochet skeleton sculpture. She reports that her earliest works in this style took hundreds of hours but she’s developed shortcut method over time. Nevertheless, it’s still a long process and she likes that because she finds it “a relaxing process”. In some instances Caitlin works with mixed media; she’s included skull pieces and antique dentures in some of this work.

More Examples of Caitlin’s Crochet Art

crochet wings

crochet twins skeleton

crochet skull

crochet skeleton

crochet taxidermy

crochet shoe

Other Similar Crochet Artists

The work that McCormack is doing is definitely original. That said, it reminds me in some ways of:

crochet pigeon

Crochet Artist Laurel Roth

crochet artist

Crochet Artist Johanna Schweizer


Various crochet taxidermy artists such as Magda Van der Vloed


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  2. saw your work at Wackos here in LA and I am going to start to learn crocheting thanks to you. I use to be a taxidermist intern or sorts,but now have a private business in a totally different field. I miss using my hands. SO that you. I will probably buy one of yours for my office if I can convense the other therapist. Keep up the beautiful, creepy , sexy work!

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