Guide to Yarn Blends

Even if you have just learned how to crochet, you probably know the basic choices when it comes to yarn fiber: wool, cotton and acrylic are the most well-understood yarns. However, when you go to shop for yarn, you’ll see that although you can certainly find 100% wool (or 100% cotton, or 100% acrylic) yarn, there are also many, many yarn skeins that are made with a blend of fibers. For example, the Asana Bulky yarn shown above is 50% superfine alpaca, 50% Peruvian highland wool … so it’s a wool blend made of a particularly kind of well mixed with alpaca fur. This unique blend gives it specific qualities including soft texture, light weight and extra warmth. Each blend of yarn is created to highlight specific features that make it useful for different types of projects. Knowing about yarn blends can make it a lot easier to choose the…

What is Superwash Merino Wool?

As a crocheter, you probably love yarn. And as someone who loves yarn, you probably pay attention to it both when shopping in stores and when browsing online. If so, you have undoubtedly come across the term “superwash merino wool” as a popular yarn option. What exactly is this fiber and why is it trending? The Benefits of “Superwash” The key to this yarn’s popularity lies in the first descriptor: “superwash”. This is a wool that can be washed in the washing machine. Just a generation or so again, all of the natural fiber yarn that was made for crochet required hand washing. People loved working with it because of its warmth, texture, and natural fiber, but they didn’t always choose it because they didn’t want to have to hand wash every single item that they crocheted. This was especially true when making items for babies, which would have to…

Top 5 Yarns for Winter

The winter season gives us the opportunity to crochet with some of the most luscious, squishiest, coziest, warmest yarns that exist on the market. This is especially true if you live in a place with distinct seasons – where it’s too warm to crochet with heavy yarn during the summer months (vice versa if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). When those chillier months come upon us, it’s the perfect time to embrace those bulkier, heat-holding yarn options. It makes crafting more enjoyable and it makes the most sense for items that you’ll be using at this time of year. So what are the best yarns for winter? Here are five top choices for winter yarns: Asana Bulky by Galler Yarns The amazing thing about this yarn is that it is a bulky weight yarn but it is also light in actual weight, making it a perfect choice for winter clothing…

Wool and the Gang Circle Game Cushion Kit

You know from my previous posts that I’ve enjoyed working with the Wool and the Gang crochet kits including one of their t-shirt yarn kits and more recently a cotton cardigan crochet kit. I always love when they send me something new to play with and this latest, their Circle Game Cushion crochet kit, is no exception to that trend.

2016 in Crochet: All Things Yarn

It has been so fun looking back at the year in crochet. We’ve reviewed crochet art, books, designers, fashion, health, yarn, patterns, tips and tutorials. I’ve also rounded up creative crochet exercises and shared my own crochet from the year. But let’s not forget what we all need to crochet: yarn!