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Crocheting a pattern using more than one strand of yarn at a time is a brilliant way to super size the project while actually reducing the amount of time it takes to crochet something big. You can see that in this easy crochet pattern where you create a large crochet flower in just three simple rounds of crochet.

5 Strands of Yarn

This crochet pattern is worked using five different strands of yarn crocheted all together.

Simply select your yarn colors, then hold them all together as you work the pattern. It works up like one big chunky piece of roving. For my flower, Ive used Red Heart worsted weight yarn in light blue, dark blue, grey, white and black.

When working with so many strands of yarn, they can sometimes get tangled with one another. Put each ball of yarn in its own yarn bowl to avoid this problem. See my guide to multi strand crochet for lots more tips!

Choosing Your Crochet Hook

I suggest working with the largest crochet hook that you feel comfortable using in order to make the largest flower in the shortest amount of time (and also to accommodate all of those strands of yarn that you’re holding at once). I used an N hook for my crochet flower. You could definitely go even larger.

Crochet Flower Size

My crochet flower, worked using five strands of worsted weight yarn and an N hook, came out about 6 in diameter. This will vary, of course, depending on your own yarn choices, crochet hook size and particular tension.

Free Crochet Flower Pattern

This is a simple free crochet flower pattern:

  1. Chain three.
  2. 11 dc in first chain (for a total of 12 dc counting the first chain three.
  3. Slip stitch to close the round.
  4. Chain three, dc in same spot.
  5. 2 dc in each dc around (for a total of 24 dc in the second round of the flower, including the two dc made in step four above).
  6. Chain 5, sc in next stitch.
  7. Repeat step six all the way around.
  8. Slip stitch to close.
  9. Finish off and weave in ends.

Variations on Crochet Flower Pattern

Here are some of the different ways that you could alter this pattern:

  • Use a different weight of yarn. Try working five strands of sport weight or five strands of bulky yarn for different effects. Of course, you could also mix and match with some yarns thicker than others for even more unique effects.
  • Change your hook size. Play with tighter and looser flowers using different crochet hooks. You could even use finger crochet.
  • Change colors each round. The way that the different colors mingle together made it so that I didn’t feel the need to change colors. I liked how it looked worked in the same color combo all throughout the pattern. However, you could change colors for each of the three rows. For example, use five shades of yellow and orange for the center, five shades of pink and red for round two and five shades of blue and purple for the outside.
  • Or use a solid color. Use five strands of the same color to create large chunky crochet flowers in a single color.
  • Or even use variegated yarn. Five strands of five different variegated yarns would really make an intriguing flower!
  • Add another round. You can increase the size of your flower by adding a third (or more) round before the Ch-5 petals. To do this, your third row would be *dc, 2 dc all the way around. A fourth row would be *dc, dc, 2 dc around. Repeat this classic circle-growing pattern to keep adding rounds. See how to crochet a flat circle for more info on this.
  • Change the edging. The final round of the crochet circle is the edging that makes the flower, but of course you could alter this edging in any number of ways to make your flower look completely different from mine. Shell stitches and picots are two examples of possible new edgings. For a simpler variation, change the number of chains in the final round (rather than doing ch-5, try fewer or more for each petal).

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