I recently shared my Wool and the Gang Rose Cardigan here on the blog. At the same time that I got the kit, I also received a couple of balls of the brand’s Take Care Mohair Yarn to try out. I enjoyed working with it and wanted to tell you more about it today.


Take Care Mohair Yarn

Take Care Mohair is the name of Wool and the Gang’s yarn which is a blend of 78% kid mohair, 13% wool and 9% polyamide. It is super soft and slightly fuzzy like a good mohair yarn should be. The additional fibers blended with the mohair make it easier to crochet with than 100% mohair and slightly easier to rip back (although it’s never easy to rip back mohair). I worked with the color Blue Chalk which is a beautiful light blue color with just a hint of grey in the hue. It comes in more than half a dozen different colors, some light and some bright. It comes in 50 gram balls that have 109 yards / 100 meters of yarn each.


Choosing Your Crochet Hook Size

The recommended knitting needle size for Take Care Mohair is US 15 / 10 mm. This corresponds to a crochet hook size around size O-P. This is typical for a bulky or super bulky weight yarn. The yarn itself doesn’t feel that thick and is very light thanks to the mohair fiber. I chose to work with a smaller hook size (J) and could have gone as small as G comfortably although obviously the larger hooks provide greater drape for this fiber.

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Corner-to-Corner Crochet Triangle Shawl

It took me a few tries to figure out the stitch that would look best with this yarn. I knew that I didn’t want something short and dense (such as single crochet) but rather something taller with a more open design. However, I didn’t want to go the route of going super lacy either. I opted for working corner-to-corner crochet. (Technically that term refers to a process of both increasing and decreasing, from one corner to another, to create square. In this case, I increased only to create a triangle. This is also called diagonal box crochet.) I love the way that it turned out. I used two complete balls of Take Care Mohair to create a triangle that I’m able to drape around my shoulders as a cute shawlette. More balls would make a larger shawl that would also be beautiful and warm. The way that this stitch works out, it creates a jagged bottom edge (long edge) that becomes a beautiful edging for the shawl so that no additional edging is necessary.

Beautiful Mohair Makes

Wool and the Gang always encourages crafters to share their yarn photos and knit and crochet makes through social media using the tag #shareyourknits. People working with this yarn also tag it with #takecaremohair. Here are a few beautiful images from Instagram; click link to go to image on site:





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