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Ruth Sandra Sperling, who blogs at RSS Designs in Fiber (and can be found @rssdesignsfiber on Pinterest / @rssdesigns on Twitter), contributed two beautiful crochet mandalas to the Mandalas for Marinke project along with a fabulous rainbow mandala crochet hat.

ruth crochet mandala hat ruth crochet mandala rainbow hat ruth crochet hat ruth rainbow crochet mandala hat

Ruth writes, “I have been crocheting as a hobby on and off since my teens – since 2002 I have donated, gifted and sold a variety of items in both yarns and threads – and I love doing it!”

ruth crochet mandala for marinke ruth crochet mandala 1 ruth crochet mandala 3 ruth crochet mandala 5

She adds,

“When I saw the crochet of Marinke – “A Creative Being” – what first came across was all the colors! I wondered how – in her multicolor mandalas – she decided the order of the different colors! I love to work with colors in the crochet I do, and I decided to do some of her mandala patterns in the colors of my choice for Mandalas for Marinke. I think the project is good because it is positive and a validation of Marinke’s creativity.”

See Ruth’s own post about her contribution.

ruth crochet mandala for wink ruth crochet mandala 6 ruth crochet mandala 2 ruth crochet mandala 4

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