100 mini crochet mandalas for marinke from karen 1

All of the mini mandalas for Marinke will be given to people who are need of uplifting and inspiration for any reason at all. They will be made available for taking, as needed, at the Mandalas for Marinke art show (date still to be determined); any that are left will continue to be given away for as long as there are some left to give! These 100 mini mandalas come to us from Karen who writes,

100 mini crochet mandalas for marinke from karen 5

“You asked for small mandalas, so here are 100 from me. I think offering to each person attending the show is quite an idea. An appropriate remembrance of Wink and hopeful a reminder that there is help and hope for those suffering from depression.

100 mini crochet mandalas for marinke from karen 3

I will admit sometimes I felt I’d go blind making these little guys! But thinking of Wink and watching KC Royals baseball games got me through.

100 mini crochet mandalas for marinke from karen 4

Thank you for coming up with such a great tribute to Wink and for all of the work you’re doing to see it through to its fruition.”

100 mini crochet mandalas for marinke from karen 2

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  1. Oh wow, what a lovely idea! I helped set up a free art/craft program and I teach various stringthings at a centre for adults with mental health issues. As I hate knitting and love crochet, lots of crochet gets taught.

    Maybe this is something the crocheters might like to do. Goodness knows plenty of people can always use a little lift :-)

    I bought your book a while ago and sometimes read bits out loud over coffee and yarn. It’s made the rounds of the therapists too. The Zen of String really has been a lifesaver for me and sharing the mindfullness of craft practice helps me live a life that means something.

    You have been one of the main inspirations for what I am doing with my life, so thank you. I just started a blog ( www.stringthings.com ) and I hope to inspire someone who needs it like you have done for me.

    All my love,
    (aka Baba StringThings)

  2. heh.

    Tht’s stringthingswinnipeg.com

    Can you tell it’s a brand new blog?


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