To master your craft, it helps to have a thorough understanding of your materials. We’ve previously explored many things about yarn, but it always helps to stay on top of the subject. Here are more than a dozen recent articles related to yarn, from yarn craft tutorials to interview with yarn professionals.

orange wool yarn

Wool and the Gang shared benefits of wool; learn more about wool here

pantone colors

Knit Picks offers yarn suggestions for matching the Pantone Colors of the Year

yarn accreditation

Stitch Craft Create shared Patons new baby yarn … and explained some super interesting stuff about yarn quality accreditation!

eco-friendly yarn

Happily Hooked shares some thoughts about eco-friendly yarn

hello_kerrin_bee yarn

Photo via hello_kerrin_bee on Instagram

Save or Splurge? How to Decide Between Cheap Yarn and Luxury Yarn by Ashely Little at Craftsy

wind yarn by hand

Fiber Flux has a video tutorial that explains how to wind a center pull ball of yarn by hand. “You could wind it into a regular ball and that will work too, but if you make your ball of yarn a center pull ball, it won’t roll around and will sit there nice and neat while you work.”

mini yarn balls tutorial

Mini Yarn Balls tutorial DIY from Creative Jewish Mom

how to read a yarn label

How to Read a Yarn Label from Illuminate Crochet

mystery yarn

How to Identify Mystery Yarn by Roving Crafters; it won’t help you figure out every ball, especially if you like exotics, but it can definitely get you started sorting through the details of your yarn stash!

yarn dyed

Hedgehog Fibers Indie Yarn Dyer profile via Colour and Cotton

yarn for dyeing

WEBS shared that Valley Yarns offers many great undyed yarns for people who want to dye their own

sweet georgia yarn interview

Sweet Georgia yarn interview by ACCROchet at Happily Hooked

yarn business interview

Jennifer says, “On this episode of CraftSanity, we’re going sheep to skein to unravel the story of how wool from a West Michigan flock is being spun into a lovely, new independent yarn line called Welcome Home.”

how to make yarn from sheets

How to Make Yarn From Sheets; Creative Jewish Mom says that this is hands-down the best way to create yarn from recycled sheets. Note: it requires a small bit of sewing to begin.


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