leandrodario crochet artist

Leandro Dário is a Brazilian 30-something artist working in a variety of mediums and doing really interesting, creative, edgy work with embroidery and crochet. Leandro has an advanced degree in art history, has had three solo exhibits and participated in numerous group exhibits, and has won several art awards. What I love most about this artist is the mingling of mediums and the way that this art walks the edge between high fashion and street art.

Crochet Jewelry and Accessories

cat with crochet leandro dario

I particularly adore this artist’s mixed media crochet jewelry and accessories. It’s a little creepy, a little cute, and incorporates items that contrast with each other in both texture and emotion. Beautiful combinations.

leandrodario crochet jewelry

This piece was made as part of an accessories collection for Tomorrow Land Brasil 2015. This is a great example of a piece that’s all about fantasy but hints at the fact that fantasy can go awry and get a little dark and weird sometimes.

crochet bear earring by leandro dario leandro dario crochet jewelry

mixed media crochet jewelry leandro

crochet eyeball accessories

crochet accessories

leandro dario crochet art

You certainly have to have a strong sense of style to pull of this artist’s accessories; luckily the artist has exactly that strong style and it’s a joy to flip through Instagram and see it all in action!

Yarnbombing Art

Leandro Dário also offers throughout provoking work to the public in the form of yarnbombing. Eye patches and jewelry are added to statues, skulls adorn trees and rocks, and the photography incorporates the yarn bomb as well as background images of historic sites and landscapes. The yarnbombing is most of the work by the photo choices finalize the pieces into art, both in the yarnbombing and in the accessories pieces.

historic yarnbombing leandro yarnbomb pyramid leandro leandro dario yarnbomb

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Embroidery and Illustration

leandro dario illustration

This artist does beautiful illustration work including fabulous fashion illustrations that I adore looking at.

yarnbomb illustration leandro

I love the occasional combination of illustration with crochet in a mixed media art piece

pacman embroidery

This artist also does a lot of work with embroidery, including this set of Pacman images, which I love because I happen to excel at Ms. Pacman :)

Other Similar Crochet Artists

Although this crochet artist is certainly unique, there are some other artists that these pieces remind me of:

crochet embroidery sad woman

Embroidery artist Blanka Amezkua

drag queen crochet

Crochet drag costumes by Debbie Elkes

yarnbombed shoes by london kaye

Yarnbomb artist London Kaye


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