Jane Feagans-King, who shares her work on Instagram as @gigididthis, says that crochet is something that she uses for renewal and meditation as she recovery from a brain injury caused by illness. She also finds recovery in time with the people that she loves. She’s a “wife, mom and nana” so she’s got lots of love. She also has a cute kitty we sometimes see on Instagram.

gigididthis crochet rainbow heart

You can find Jane on Twitter @janemarielwb, where she shares that she’s a video producer, RN, progressive Christian, feminist and queersister”. She is also, of course, a crochet artist. At the end of last year I shared a round of her crochet accessories and other makes. Here’s what she’s shared with us this year:

Crochet Hats

gigididthis crochet hat gigididthis crochet short row hat gigididthis crochet from It Girl Crochet

Jane likes to work short rows in crochet and this is a fabulous example of how they can be used. Plus I love those buttons!

gigididthis crochet hat gigididthis crocodile stitch rainbow crochet hat

Crocodile stitch rainbow crochet

gigididthis crochet at dr office gigididthis crochet hat

Crochet sun hat

gigididthis crochet pumpkin hat gigididthis crochet pumpkin hat

Crochet pumpkin hat – so cute!

Crochet Flowers, Doilies and Mandalas

gigididthis crochet coaster gigididthis crochet flowers gigididthis crochet mandala gigididthis crochet mandala gigididthis crochet mandala gigididthis crochet christmas mandala gigididthis crochet mandalas set gigididthis freeform crochet flowers project

Freeform crochet flowers

Crocodile Stitch Crochet Booties

This was one of the projects that was fun to follow along with on Instagram as Jane worked on it.

gigididthis crochet croc stitch boot

And it shows her use of crochet apps

gigididthis crochet croc stitch boot gigididthis crochet boot gigididthis crocodile stitch crochet boots

Yarn Photos

gigididthis crochet WIPs gigididthis yarn ends gigididthis yarn gigididthis sparkly yarn

Enjoy more yummy yarn photos here!

And More

gigididthis crochet heart earrings

These cute crochet heart earrings incorporate such lovely beads

gigididthis shadow play with crochet

I enjoy the shadow play on this crochet photo

gigididthis crochet baby sweater gigididthis crochet basket gigididthis crochet shrug gigididthis crochet tunisian blanket

Tunisian entrelac crochet

gigididthis crochet crocodile stitch slippers

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San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. i love the crochet heart. is it possible to find out what kind of yarn or to buy a pattern?

    • Kathryn Reply

      You could check with Jane on Instagram and see if she recalls. <3

  2. Hi i love your heart pattern and mandala’s do you have patterns for any of these wonderful patterns you see lovely things that you want to make but can’t it is so frustrateing

    • Kathryn Reply

      Many of the items that I share on this blog are designed to inspire you to create your own designs rather than to follow specific patterns. That said, you can find patterns linked here: https://www.crochetconcupiscence.com/crochet-patterns/

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