elzavan912 crochet july collage

Elza van der Merwe is a 50-something South African mom with an empty nest that she fills with her gorgeous crochet. She loves crafting, nature and just generally loves life, and it’s a joy to see what she shares on Instagram as @elzavan912. Here are more than fifty photos that she’s shared with us so that we can enjoy her crochet projects.

elzavan912 crochet baskets

What a fabulous use of fabric to complement a basket that is made mostly in simple crochet. See more crochet + fabric pieces here

elzavan912 crochet ottoman

This crochet ottoman is my all-time favorite item that Elza has crafted.

elzavan912 crochet color elzavan912 crochet curtain

I love how the combination of closed stitches and openwork mesh crochet allows the sunlight to filter in so beautiful through this crochet curtain. Find crochet curtain patterns here.

elzavan912 crochet eggs

Cute seasonal crochet – Easter egg cozies

elzavan912 crochet flower texture

Perfectly stitched crochet flowers that pop out in such a pretty way

elzavan912 crochet sophieelzavan912 crochet square elzavan912 crochet squares elzavan912 yarn elzavan912 crochet covered stone

See more crochet covered stones here.

elzavan912 crochet flower heart wedding

I love this photograph of a heart made with crochet flowers. So sweet, so simple, so wonderful.

elzavan912 crochet red lips

Here is a great use of a photo prop – bold red lipstick elegantly showcasing the color that’s in the crochet hearts. I also love the way that the hearts are reflected slightly in the lipstick case!

elzavan912 crochet sophie elzavan912 crochet stones elzavan912 crochet throw

Such a cozy crochet blanket. The texture is fabulous. It makes me want to curl up underneath it and work on my own crochet!

elzavan912 yarm

I always love seeing the yarn that she’s able to share with us. This kid mohair and silk blend looks so soft!

elzavan912 colorful crochet blanket

A great stitch sampler crochet blanket worked in a great selection of colors that are both bright and muted.

elzavan912 crochet sophie cal

I love the plants as much as the craft! This reflects that love of nature that she mentions in her IG bio.

elzavan912 crochet vintage

Two versions of the same crochet vest. Love it!

elzavan912 crochet yarn merino elzavan912 crochet cal elzavan912 crochet wool slippers

Talk about cozy! Thick crochet slipper socks that are made in a cozy, wintery, chunky yarn!

elzavan912 crochet shark

And here we’ve got a crafty sense of humor … those crochet shark slippers that are eating the leg of the wearer. These make a good gift for many people. Cute and it’s been executed well here.

elzavan912 crochet wrap

It is often tough to photograph black crochet in a way that actually shows the stitches. Elza has done a terrific job here with her placement and lighting. And the stitches are wonderful to see.

elzavan912 knit crochet combo elzavan912 crochet blanket for charity

This was a charity crochet donation. It is always great to see when a crafter with terrific crochet skills invests time, money and energy in giving handcrafted items to charities. This is very special.

elzavan912 crochet bridal garter elzavan912 v-stitch crochet blanket elzavan912 crochet mandala

Elza made this beautiful crochet mandala. Such unique selection in the three colors here – a very sophisticated yet still fun crochet mandala.

elzavan912 crochet blocking

A great photographic trick here with the crochet piece photographed over a blanket that has a simple design that suits the crochet itself well.

elzavan912 crochet for charity blanket

elzavan912 crochet beanie

Crochet cables

elzavan912 crochet beanie wip elzavan912 crochet blanket elzavan912 crochet lace elzavan912 crochet ripple

Crochet chevrons can look so different depending on the yarn used, the colors chosen, the exact version of chevron selected. I love this execution of chevron crochetFind 30+ chevron crochet patterns here.

elzavan912 crochet blanket elzavan912 crochet blankets

Washing crochet blankets looks like a fun chore at Elza’s house!

elzavan912 crochet ripple elzavan912 crochet ripple with self-striping yarn elzavan912 crochet sophie blanket elzavan912 crochet merino wool

Elza isn’t afraid to learn new techniques in crochet. This is Tunisian Entrelac Crochet.

elzavan912 crochet sophie elzavan912 crochet southbayshawl

The second darker color on this piece gives a slight ombre hint and a beautiful twist to the design.

elzavan912 crochet t-shirt yarn doily rug elzavan912 crochet mochila bag elzavan912 crochet shawls elzavan912 crochet august collage elzavan912 crochet bag

I’m in love with this tapestry crochet mochila bag.

elzavan912 crochet mandala placemat elzavan912 crochet sea glass shawl in simplycrochet elzavan912 crochet bag elzavan912 crochet hook holder

This crochet hook holder is such a beautiful example of what a crocheter can use to hold her hooks!

elzavan912 crochet tunisian entrelac elzavan912 tunisian entrelac crochet and hooks elzavan912 entrelac crochet tunisian cowl

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  1. Wow thank you Kathryn. I feel honoured to be featured here. You made my work look so awesome!! Elza

    • Hi Elza, Will you please be so kind as to share with me what kind of Cotton or thread and how many ply’s do you use for the Mochila Tapestry Bag? Thank you very much !


  2. Annekevh68 Reply

    Well done Elza!!! I feel priviledged to know you and to have seen some of these projects in the making

  3. Wow Elza you are truly gifted with a wonderful talent of turning yarn and pattern into a work of art! Your work is so inspiring and beautifully presented.

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