Jessie Rayot of Jessie At Home has been nominated to sit on the CGOA Board. Jessie shares what she’d bring to board here in her own words:

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Hello! I’m Jessie Rayot of Some of you may already know me from that, or from meeting me at the various conferences, shows, and events I love to attend. Let me tell you a bit more about me, my qualifications, and what I would contribute to the CGOA as a Board Member.

As the owner and author of a popular crochet and yarn themed blog (averaging nearly 150,000 views a month and growing), I have my finger on the pulse of this relatively new area of growth for our industry. This makes me uniquely qualified to represent this section of our industry as a future member of the CGOA board.

I have nearly 200 knit and crochet patterns (including 130+ FREE crochet patterns) published independently and through other companies, including, Mainly Crochet, I Like Crochet, I Like Knitting, Crochet! Magazine and Interweave Crochet Magazine. I have also earned several awards from the CGOA Design Competitions I have entered, including first place in the accessories category in 2014.

I am passionate about educating others about yarn themed blogging, and assisting others trying to break into this profession. I know that there are many very skilled crocheters and designers on the board already. I bring those strengths with me, and I also bring the social media skills I have learned and honed as a web entrepreneur. As part of a close-knit community of crochet bloggers, I would help give those individuals a voice on the CGOA board. As a board member, I would work to help the CGOA have a stronger online presence. It would be wonderful to see people displaying “proud member of the CGOA” buttons on their sites all over the Internet, and to NOT see the question “what is CGOA?” as often as I see it now.

I am so impressed by the CGOA community! I am always amazed and touched by the kindness and generous spirits of the individuals I have met that make up the CGOA, and I would be truly honored to help represent the Crochet Guild Of America as a board member.

There are five candidates to fill 3 open seats for the ’16/’17 term so Jessie needs your vote to be able to sit on the board. You must be a CGOA member to vote; voting is open until December 25, 2015. Learn more from Jessie.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!

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