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Whether you’re just learning how to crochet or seeking to explore something new in the craft, there are countless terrific tutorials available around the web. I previously rounded up 45 crochet tutorials that I loved, plus another dozen tutorials specifically for Tunisian crochet, and of course I have my own page of tutorials here. But bloggers are always coming out with great new tutorials so I have another roundup today of more than 75 new 2015 crochet tutorials. Plus you’ll find an additional small set of other craft tutorials at the end of this post in case you want to expand a bit beyond crochet.

Basic Crochet Tutorials

foundation crochet

How to Crochet Foundation Crochet Stitches: FSC, FHDC, FDC by @jessie_athome. You can also check out another version of how to crochet foundation stitches @bhookedcrochet and my own version of foundation single crochet only @becraftsy

crochet foundation chain

How to Crochet around a Foundation Chain @allaboutami

crochet tutorial

How to split single crochet – video over at Crochet! Magazine via @gocrochet

crochet stitch tutorial

How to crochet linked double crochet stitch @menglar

how to crochet granny stitch

How to crochet granny stitch from Cream of the Crop Crochet

crochet post stitches

How to FPDC (+ 5 patterns for crochet post stitches)

crochet bobble stitch

How to crochet bobble stitch @bhookedcrochet

crochet puff stitch

How to crochet puff stitch @crochetkitten

crochet circle yellow

How to count the number of stitches in a round @freshstitches

crochet gauge

How to check your crochet gauge from Posh Patterns; also see all about crochet gauge from @elkstudio_

invisible decrease crochet

How to invisible decrease crochet from Little Cosy Things

invisible join crochet

How to invisible join crochet @bhookedcrochet

change yarn color

How to change yarn colors in crochet via @websyarnstore

join yarn

4 ways to join a new color of yarn @happily_hooked

frog crochet

How to frog your crochet from @artlikebread on @crochetspot


Inline vs Tapered crochet hook types via @planetjune. Also: Moogly asked readers how to hold a crochet hook and got tons of different answers and photos.

Advanced Crochet Stitch Tutorials

broomstick lace crochet

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Broomstick Lace Crochet @redheartyarns

double treble crochet

How to crochet double treble stitch via @fiberflux; more about this and other tall stitches here

crochet bullion stitch

How to crochet bullion stitch @bhookedcrochet

crochet catherine wheel

How to crochet catherine wheel by @UCrafter via Stitch and Unwind

twists crochet stitch pattern

Twists and Turns Crochet Stitch by @stitchin_mommy

crochet limpet stitch

How to crochet limpet stitch @crochetme

crossed double crochets

How to crochet the crossed double crochets stitch via @olgalacycrochet

primrose crochet stitch

How to crochet primrose stitch by @RescuedPaw

crochet larksfoot

How to crochet larksfoot stitch from Little Treasures

crochet ripple stitch

How to crochet lacy ripple stitch from @olgalacycrochet


crochet spider stitch

How to crochet spider stitch @jessie_athome

crochet cables

How to crochet a six stitch cable from Melody’s Makings

crochet edging

How to crochet pom pom edge from Once Upon a Pink Moon via @craftgossip

Tunisian Crochet Tutorials

tunisian crochet

How to crochet Tunisian bump stitch @crochetme

tunisian entrelac crochet

How to Tunisian Crochet Entrelac @crochetspot

Crochet Techniques

metallic crochet thread

How to starch thread crochet items @happilyhooked. Learn more about thread crochet.

crochet chain

How to start a double crochet row without a turning chain @NYAcrochet

colorwork crochet

Crochet colorwork tutorial (with info on stranded colorwork vs tapestry crochet colorwork) from @SolRencoret

crochet halter

How to crochet over boning @crochetkitten

Crochet Motifs Tutorials

vercillo crochet circle rug

How to crochet a perfect circle @kpwerker

how to join

How to join crochet squares, one option from @spincushions

joining crochet granny squares

How to join granny squares with mattress stitch @ucrafter

invisible join crochet

How to invisible join crochet at Happily Hooked

granny rectangle

How to turn a granny square into a granny rectangle with blocking via @stitchstory

crochet scarf tutorial

Tutorial for making a stashbusting crochet scarf @spincushions

Crochet Project Tutorials

how to crochet jewely

How to crochet jewelry clasps @crochetkitten

crochet necklace tutorial

Crochet necklace tutorial @onemancrochet

how to crochet a floral wall hanger

Floral crochet wall art tutorial from The Little Treasures

crochet necklace tutorial

How to crochet a curb necklace from @bhookedcrochet

crochet lampshade

Crochet lampshade photo tutorial from Lazy Daisy Jones

crochet lampshade

Crochet lampshade tutorial from Cats Rockin

crochet scrubbie

How to Crochet a Mesh Potato Sack into a Kitchen Scrubbie @creativejmom

crochet cord covers

How to crochet cord covers for headphones and cables from @NYACrochet; also see the Rainbow crochet phone cord tutorial from @JBHcrochet

crochet pet sweater

How to crochet a blanket sweater for your dog from Little Cosy Things

rope crochet basket

How to crochet a basket with rope from @EstherMChandler

crochet hanger tutorial

Vintage-inspired crochet clothes hanger tutorial from My Rose Valley

crochet slippers tutorial

How to add a felt sole to crochet slippers from Mamachee

how to make a granny hexi crochet butterfly

How to make a granny hexi crochet butterfly @fiberflux

crochet envelope

How to make a square crochet envelope from Hello Hart

crochet rainbow cushion

Reversible rainbow crochet cushion pattern/ tutorial @holly_pips

crochet granny squares tutorial

How to upcycle containers with crochet granny squares from Hello Hart

Other Crochet Tutorials

crochet giving circle

How to host a crochet giving circle by @artlikebread on @crochetspot

amigurumi crochet tips

How to add opposable limbs to amigurumi @crochetkitten

How to Make Your Amigurumi’s Head Turn @squirrelpicnic

how to add faces to amigurumi

How to add faces to your amigurumi with satin stitch embroidery via @squirrelpicnic

crochet beanie tip

How to close the hole in a crochet beanie worked bottom up via @elkstudio_

crochet blocks docking station

How to make a crochet squares blocking (docking) station via @repeatcrafterme

wet block crochet

How to wet block crocheted lace with wires by @artlikebread on @crochetspot

crochet gauge

Tips for measuring gauge in crochet swatches from Happily Hooked

how to make yarn tassels for knit or crochet

How to make yarn tassels for knit or crochet @jessie_athome


How to read yarn labels from Stitch and Unwind

yarn weight

How to calculate yarn length by weight from @artlikebread on @crochetspot

yarn scraps

How to DIY multicolor yarn from your yarn scraps from Crochetology

crochet stitch pattern

How to use a stitch pattern to make crochet dresses from Crochetology

Other Crafty Tutorials


How to make 6 common macrame knots and a free macrame wall hanging pattern @redheartyarns

rope mat diy

Rope coil doormat DIY tutorial from @designsponge

crochet owl art

Pom Pom Owl Art DIY from @repeatcrafterme

pom pom mobile diy

DIY pom pom mobile tutorial @habitulhomebody

crochet hook tutorial

How to make a crochet hook from clay via Stitch and Unwind

collection of vintage fabrics and flower broach on white wooden surface with min flower pot pin cushionNo reproduction without permission./m/loader/metro_loader/MMS39/MMS39.gift/

How to make a fabric flower brooch @molliemakes


How to Dye Textiles in a Front Loading Washing Machine @apttherapy

rug repurpose

10 Rug Repurposing ideas from @apttherapy including this rag rug pillow from @make_haus


@CraftSanity Video Tutorial: How to prep and weave a continuous strip of torn fabric


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