Let’s take a look at this week in crochet on Instagram. Thank you to all of the people who use the #crochetconcupiscence and #crochetsavedmylife tags each week to share their beautiful crochet work with us. Learn more here.

Featured Crochet Instagrammer

This week’s featured crochet Instagrammer is Elza van der Merwe AKA elzavan912 who I believe lives in South Africa. Her tagline reads “crochet, nature, family, life”, which tells us a lot about what matters to this crafter as well as what you’ll find in her pretty Instagram feed. Her feed is filled with lots of lovely crochet photos and a few of those other things as well. This week she brings us:

elzavan912 crochet blanket elzavan912 crochet ripple elzavan912 crochet lace elzvan912 crochet bridal hanger elzavan912 crochet beanie wip elzavan912 crochet beanie

Special Shoutout

A thanks to maddylopez324 for sharing my book, Crochet Saved My Lifeir?t=moho 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1478190450, this week. Hope you enjoy it!

maddylopez324 crochet saved my life

Top 10 Crochet Photos of The Week

In addition to the beautiful photos from our featured Instagrammer and the great images that fit into the categories below, here are my ten favorite crochet photos for the week:

1. crochet on photos by louloudeane

louloudeane grandma taught crochet

louloudeane shared a post about how her grandmother taught her how to crochet

2. floral crochet rug by winterbeachbymab

winterbeachbymab crochet flower rug

winterbeachbymab shared this crochet rug

3. Kayla’s Stars by crochetingthruchronicdiseases

crochetingthruchronicdiseases kaylas stars crochet

The Kayla’s Stars memorial crochet project received over 1000 stars!

4. Crochet rug by elisabethandree

elisabethandree crochet rug

I love everything about this crochet rug by elisabethandree

5. crochet sock monkey by holly_pips

holly_pips crochet sock monkey blanket

holly_pips added a cute crochet sock monkey motif to finish off this granny square blanket

6. Vintage fan stitch by knitpurlhook

knitpurlhook crochet blanket

I’m pretty sure that’s the name of this crochet stitch worked in pretty pink, red and white by knitpurlhook

7. Amigurumi bird by ponytales_

ponytales_ crochet bird

Cute little crochet bird from ponytales_

8. Pineapple crochet headband from shopnomihandmade

shopnomihandmade baby crochet

shopnomihandmade crochet for baby

9. Granny crochet blanket by sweet_sharna

sweet_sharna crochet blanket

There’s something I love about the blue stitching as well as the way that sweet_sharna laid this crochet blanket against that background for the photo

10. Mandala / dreamcatcher by lisablue76

lisablue76 crochet mandla

lisablue76 made this dreamcatcher-inspired crochet square in a circle

Crochet Mandalas

Many people are continuing to make crochet mandalas, especially for the Mandalas for Marinke project.

crochetinpaternoster crochet mandala

above and below are crochet mandalas from crochetinpaternoster

crochetinpaternoster mandala crochet

daisychainscrochet crochet mandala


78th_stitch mandalasformarinke


ahappycrocheter crochet mandala

Flo has now joined Instagram as ahappycrocheter – welcome Flo!

fidgetyhands crochet mandalas for marinke

crochet spoke mandalas above and below by fidgetyhands; this is one of the most popular free crochet mandala patterns by wink

fidgetyhands crochet mandalasformarinke

happy_thimble crochet mandala


knitpurlhook crochet mandala

knitpurlhook (above and below)

knitpurlhook crochet mandalas

lcs_girl crochet mandala

lcs_girl (above and below)

lcs_girl crochet mandalas

maddylopez324 crochet mandala


mammalanie crochet mandala


nickelcreekstitches crochet mandala


rubyjaneslane crochet mandala

rubyjaneslane (above and below)

rubyjaneslane crochet mandalas

Crochet Sophies

Several people are working on Sophie crochet.

thegirllovesyarn crochet sophie


mrsdaftspaniel crochet sophie


helenolding crochet sophie


abluebirdonmyshoulder crochet sophie


Summertime Crochet

sweet_sharna crochet bikini

crochet bikini and halter tops by sweet_sharna

lisesolvang crochet in happily hooked lisesolvang crochet barefoot sandals

Crochet barefoot sandals and other patterns by lisesolvang in the newest issue of happily hooked magazine

holly_pips crochet on a boat

crochet on a boat by holly_pips

awesomecrochet summer crochet swimsuits flowers awesomecrochet crochet swimwear

crochet swimwear by awesomecrochet

annocrochet crochet summer

crochet summer dress by annoocrochet

Crochet Grannies – Big and Small

Large crochet granny blankets and small crochet granny squares …

chwhitworth crochet granny blanket


stelcrochet crochet granny blanket

stelcrochet large crochet granny blanket

makingpolly crochet granny square

makingpolly large crochet granny square

lou.teacrochet crochet baby blanket

lou.teacrochet granny crochet blanket

thepolkadotgiragge crochet granny blanket

thepolkadotgiraffe crochet granny stripe

witzeomer crochet granny blanket

witzomer crochet granny blanket

hookybren crochet granny squares

hookybren granny square crochet

sabrinamc7 crochet granny purse

sabrinamc7 crochet granny square purse

gooseberryfool crochet granny square

gooseberyfool crochet granny square

kellyandcrochet crochet granny squares

kellyandcrochet granny squares

lyndapc crochet granny squares

lyndapc crochet granny squares

sweet_sharna crochet granny square

sweet_sharna crochet granny square anatomy

elisabethandree crochet square

elisabethandree crochet circle in a square

ektelykke crochet cushion

ektelykke crochet granny cushion

darbanwille crochet granny squares

darbawille crochet granny squares

crochetgirl99 crochet squares

crochetgirl99 daisy flower granny square


stitchgwen crochet yarn samples

stitchgwen color planning

stelcrochet yarn


rubyjaneslane yarn


mrsdaftspaniel yarn


knitpurlhook yarn tassels

knitpurlhook yarn tassels

all_about_clare crochet yarn basket

all_about_clare yarn storage crochet basket

cuddlebugkids yarn and beads

cuddlebugkids yarn and beads

cozamundo yarn


crochetinpaternoster yarn


And More

ahappycrocheter crochet sheepjescal 2014

Scheepjescal2014 from ahappycrocheter

all_about_clare crochet hooks and basket

Crochet baskets from all_about_clare

bellazoopuppytales crochet scarfbellazoopuppytales

candicedunlapmiller crochet scarfcandicedunlapmiller

canteringcrowcolorworks crochet

canteringcrowcolorworks (above and below)

canteringcrowcolorworks crochet felted bag caswelljones crochet yarn ends


cattaryna amigurumi crochet


cozamundo baby crochetcozamundo

crochetbetweenworlds crochet owlscrochetbetweenworlds

crochetgirl99 crochet daisiescrochetgirl99

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet hat


crochetinpaternoster crochet wip


cuddlebugkids crochet swatch

cuddlebugkids gauge swatch

dieoranje_skaap crochet wip


ektelykke crochet booties

ektelykke crochet booties (above) and hearts (below)

ektelykke crochet hearts

elisabethandree crochet squares


fleurb2509 crochet scarf

fleurb2509 crochet scarf

gooseberryfool crochet frozen banner

gooseberryfool crochet frozen banner (above) and scarf (below)

gooseberryfool crochet scarf

hanrosieg crochet cushion

hanrosieg crochet cushion

hooked__on__hooky crochet rabbit paw

hooked__on__hooky crochet amigurumi (above) and motifs (below)

hooked__on__hooky crochet motifs

hookybren crochet ripple

hookybren crochet ripple

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet wall art

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet (above and below)

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy organic cotton crochet

kelly_green72 crochet flower

kelly_green72 crochet above and below

kelly_green72 crochet squares

kellyandcrochet crochet bows

kellyandcrochet crochet hair bows (above) and cool therapy (below)

kellyandcrochet crochet color therapy

knitpurlhook crochet flowers

knitpurlhook (above and below)

knitpurlhook crochet hooks and motifs

littlebirdbunting crochet c2c


littlebirdiecrochet crochet basket


littlecosythings crochet bumblebee

littlecosythings (one above and two below) … LittleCosyThings was one of the moderators of the craftastherapy IG feed this week (the other was marretjeroos). If you don’t know the #craftastherapy hashtag, I absolutely recommend checking it out for ongoing inspiration!

littlecosythings crochet craftastherapy littlecosythings crochet legs

lou.teacrochet crochet dungarees for baby

lou.teacrochet baby dungarees (above) and embroidery hoop (below)

lou.teacrochet crochet embroidery hoop

maddylopez324 crochet flower beads


madebylouiza c2c crochet blanket

madebylouiza – c2c crochet blanket

marretjeroos crochet craftastherapy

marretjeroos (above and below)

marretjeroos crochet shawl

mlissabethgr crochet squaresmlissabethgr crochet prayer shawl

nelnanandnora crochet wip


oksanamitsyak crochet shawl


oliviartcreations crochet donut


onaturbokick88 crochet crop top


ponytales_ crochet raccoon


queen_babs crochet flowers


redrocker9 amigurumi crochet


rubyjaneslane crochet baby booties


sabrinamc7 crochet hat


shopnomihandmade crochet packaging


stelcrochet crochet hangers


stephaniedavies crochet hanging


stitchgwen crochet lace


suzanne2017 crochet bucket bag


tintocktap tapestry crochet squares

tintocktap tapestry crochet

treble_stitch crochet thread bookmark


witzomer crochet motifs


My Crochet on Instagram

crochet dishcloths

This week, other than mandalas, I’ve been crocheting simple dishcloths and washcloths. I’m using variegated cotton crochet yarn, single crochet, BLO, with a border of dc then fpdc.

crochet dishcloth detail crochet doily rug

Crochet doily rug at a house where I was petsitting

crochet shell edging

Crochet shell edging added on to a dress of mine

modme crochet jewelry

Modme crochet jewelry

crochet mandalas

Roundup of Mandalas for Marinke submissions


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. lisablue76 made dreamcatcher-inspired crochet square in a circle – rules, I love it.

  2. Elisabeth Andree Reply

    What a great round up again Kathryn! Beautiful crochet works, that tree with all those stars is stunning.
    Wish you a creative and relaxt new week

  3. I almost cannot stand how awesome all of these creations are! Talk about inspiration! I love our crochet community and all of the diversity in people and styles. :)

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