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Yarnbombing is often called a feminine, friendly form of graffiti but it doesn’t usually like the kind of graffiti that most people are familiar with. Yarnbomb artist London Kaye really brings the street style into her crochet work with graphic images that represent some of the best aspects of different styles of graffiti art, all completed with yarn. I love her sense of artistic beauty and I’m hardly the only one she’s collaborated with some major name brands and partnered with various designers.

About London Kaye

crochet shawl

London Kaye is a beautiful artist whose childhood as a classically-trained dancer can be seen when she moves. She learned to crochet at the age of 13 but really dove into the craft with yarn bombing after she graduated from NYU. She made a name for herself after collaborating with designer Tia Cibani, and since then has had creative partnerships with Michael’s, Starbucks and Isaac Mizrahi, among others.

London Kaye’s Crochet Yarnbombing Art

The best place to see the latest in London Kaye’s crochet street art is her Instagram account @londonkayecrochet, which I follow diligently. Some recently Instagrammed shares:

london kaye crochet yarnbomb whale london kaye crocher yarnbomb eye london kaye crochet eye phone

A pun for the “eye phone”

london kaye crochet apple watch yarnbomb

London Kaye often creates yarnbombs that reflect what’s happening in the world today – whether it’s a holiday or something like the Apple watch release.

london kaye crochet utopia art london kaye crochet butterfly london laye crochet mondrian dress yarnbomb

Fashion and art inspiration make their way into a lot of London Kaye’s work. This is obviously Mondrian. I also like an Anna Wintour yarn bomb she has on her Instagram.

1000 Hearts

crochet hearts london kaye

In addition to the type of work she does that you see above, London Kaye also has a project called 1000 Hearts. She shares:

crochet hearts

“On January 31st I spread 1,000 crocheted hearts in Union Square, and I have not stopped spreading the love ever since. I have teamed up with Depop and Knots of Love to pay it forward and make people smile.”

crochet heart nagels london kaye

You can buy her crochet hearts in her Depop shop and the proceeds will go to Knots of Love and to making more crochet hearts to keep spreading the love.


Examples of work that London Kaye has done with Isaac Mizrahi’s Michael’s craft yarn, Starbucks and

crochet yarn mizrahi crochet starbucks

London Kaye’s Other Crochet Work

london kaye crochet art prints

Beauty Will Save says that London’s favorite character is “a classical adorable and cute ballerina, which is kind of self-portrait”

The 25-year-old crochet artist also makes various items to sell in her online shop including dream catchers, vases, headphone cozies and more. She also sometimes sells limited edition crochet art prints.

crochet dream catcher crochet flower vase crochet headphones crochet purse

Visit London Kaye on Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

Other Similar Artists

crochet art

London Kaye reminds me of yarnbombing artist Magda Sayeg, because she was the first artist I learned of who had collaborated with really big brands to get knitting and crochet street style into the public eye.

yarnbombing crochet

Similarly, Kaye reminds me artist Donna Rutledge-Okoro, who I previously described as “a crocheter who seamlessly moves between art, commerce and design”.

crochet art olek

And how can she not remind me of Olek, who is probably the most famous yarnbombing artist to bring street art into galleries.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Michaela T Reply

    Great blog post! I love your writing style.

    Off to follow London on Instagram :-D

  2. Jenny Brown Reply

    Great profile! London does amazing work and her instagram feed is great (it’s one of the kids’ favorites). Cool to know she did the commercial – although why didn’t they just give him a crochet hook and say he loves to crochet? :)

    • Kathryn Reply

      Yeah, I thought that was an interesting thing about that video, too!

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