Every Sunday I round up the Instagram crochet photo submissions for the week and share them here. It’s a way to help connect the crochet community, provide a platform for showcasing the amazing work that people are doing and highlight some of the current crochet trends.

Here are this week’s shares.

Featured Crochet Item

The single most outstanding crochet photo submission this week was this beautiful shot by cozamundo:

cozamundo crochet doily

I love the angle of the image, I love the flowers, and I love the crochet doily.

Featured Crochet Instagrammer

crochet instagram

This week’s featured crochet Instagrammer is @queen_babs. This Sydney based crochet lover is a yarn bomber who is also working on a beautiful, colorful square-a-day crochet project this year. I love the vibrant richness of the colors in all of her work and she does a great job photographing them clearly and creatively for Instagram. You can also visit her on Facebook. Some of her shares this week:

queen_babs crochet flower pattern queen_babs crochet hearts queen_babs crochet squares queen_babs pom queen_babs pompoms yarnbomb

Photo Trend: Crochet Hooks

There seemed to be more photos than usual this week of people’s crochet hooks. Loved seeing that!

rawrustic crochet hooks


mammalanie crochet square


kmdcrochet tunisian crochet lace


dojocrochet crochet hook bag

dojocrochet (above and below)

dojocrochet crochet hook

crochetinpasternoster crochet hooks


cold_creek_april crochet hook


almaaded crochet hooks


Photo Trend: Crochet Collages

At the end of the month many people round up their crochet makes with photo collages. I adore these! So inspiring!

sweet_sharna crochet collage


mlissabethgr crochet collage


marretjeroos crochet collage


littlecosythings crochet collage


kmdcrochet switchback scarf


forestflowerdesigns crochet bollage


fancyladybug crochet collage


Crochet Trend: Bunnies, Chicks and Owls

Easter is around the corner and we’re starting to see the creativity around that.

jenjendb crochet bunny jenjendb crochet bunnies


lou.teacrochet crochet bunnies


dojocrochet crochet bunny dojocrochet crochet bunnies


cuteashook crochet bunny

cuteashook (above and below)

cuteashook crochet bird crochet owls

stitchyimpressions crochet owl


nessbombaert crochet owl


Crochet Trend: Chevrons

Chevrons, ripples, waves … whatever you call them, they are currently popular again.

angie_angie02004 crochet chevron blanket


annesurr crochet chevron blanket


loucamp crochet chevron


mrsdaftspaniel crochet chevron


peeka_bo_crochet crochet blanket


Crochet Trend: Blankets

Perhaps people are trying to stay warm in the cold by making crochet blankets because there were a lot of them in today’s roundup!

thatgirlwhocrochets crochet blankets thatgirlwhocrochets crochet blanket thatgirlwhocrochets crochet baby blankets

thatgirlwhocrochets (the three images above)

telcrochet crochet blanket stelcrochet rainbow crochet stelcrochet triangle crochet stelcrochet crochet blanket

stelcrochet (four images above)

stitchyimpressions crochet blanket


peeka_bo_crochet vstitch crochet blanket


nessbombaert crochet rainbow stripes nessbombaert crochet rainbow


mlissabethgr crochet star blanket


marretjeroos crochet colorful marretjeroos crochet blanket


lyndapc crochet granny stripes


jemma___x crochet stripes


hookybren crochet cat


holly_pips crochet blanket squares holly_pips crochet squares holly_pips crochet blanket


gooseberryfool crochet vstitch blanket gooseberryfool crochet stripes gooseberryfool crochet blanket

gooseberryfool (3 photos above)

ganondorf42 crochet granny


foxyloxy69 crochet blanket


crochetgirl99 crochet blanket squares


cozamundo crochet star blanket cozamundo crochet star

cozamundo (2 above)

annesurr crocheting annesurr crochet blanket annesurr crochet granny blankets annesurr crochet blanket 2

annesurr (4 above)

angie_angie02004 crochet blanket


And More

almaaded crochet booties

Baby crochet from almaaded

annesurr crochet home

crochet for the home from annesurr

artesdapessoa crochet


bechancer crochet tissue box

tissue box cozy from bechancer

bethshananne crochet mitts


carefulcatherine crochet scarves


caswelljones spring crochet


crochetbyshelby crochet bouquet

crochet wedding bouquets crochetbyshelby

crochetgirl99 crochet hot water bottle crochetgirl99 crochet flower

crochetgirl99 (2 above); she shares the crochet hot water bottle pattern on her Instagram account this week

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet doll crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet hats

crochet dolls from crochetingthruchronicdiseases (2 above)

crochetinpaternoster crochet basket

crochet baskets from crochetinpaternoster

curupisa crochet doily curupisa crochet mandala curupisa crochet tree

curupisa (3 above)

cuteashook crochet hexies cuteashook crochet snowman

cuteashook (2 above)

darna.82 yarnbomb crochet

yarn bombing from darna.82

dojocrochet crochet hat and scarf dojorochet crochet hot air balloon


elisabethandree crochet bag elisabethandree crochet bags

crochet market bag from elisabethandree

farren.d crochet boots

loopy crochet boots from farren.d

forestflowerdesigns crochet forestflowerdesigns crochet squares


gigididthis crochet boot gigididthis crochet croc stitch boot

crocodile stitch crochet boots from gigididthis

heartmadebeanies crochet hat heartmadebeanies crochet hat2

crochet hats from heartmadebeanies

holly_pips crochet daffodil

crochet daffodil from holly_pips

hookybren crochet mandala hookybren tapestry crochet hookybren yarnbomb crochet

mandala, tapestry crochet and yarn bombing from hookybren (3 above)

jacci crochet flowres


laurenp1090 yarn


littlecosythings crochet doll littlecosythings crochet dollie littlecosythings crochet dolls littlecosythings crochet hair

crochet dolls from littlecosythings (4 above)

littlefixcrochet crochet ice creams littlefoxcrochet crochet ice cream cone littlefoxcrochet crochet treats littlefoxcrochet crochet banner littlefoxcrochet crochet donuts littlefoxcrochet crochet heart garlands

littlefoxcrochet (6 above)

livingskiescrochet crochet arm cuffs

crochet arm cuffs livingskiescrochet

lou.teacrochet crochet cotton


louloudeane crochet mandala louluodeane crochet mandalas


lyndapc crochet basket

crochet basket from lyndapc

miamami_creations crochet hat mimamami_creations crochet cowl

mimamami_creations (2 above)

mlissabethgr crochet cowl mlissabethgr crochet squares shawl

mlissabethgr (2 above)

mobiusgirl crochet square

crochet squares by mobiusgirl

mofli83 yarn

yarn from mofli83

patternparadise crochet boot cuffs

crochet boot cuffs from pattern paradise; pattern on their site

rachelribbons crochet pug rachelribbons crochet squares

rachelribbons (2 above)

rawrustic crochet squares


rectripp crochet hat

crochet hat rectripp

stelcrochet blocking crochet stelcrochet crochet block stelcrochet crochet bobble stelcrochet crochet cozy

stelcrochet (4 above)

stitchyimpressions crochet coasters stitchyimpressions crochet heart rug

crochet coasters and crochet heart rug by stitchyimpressions (2 above)

sweet_sharna crochet in basket sweet_sharna crochet sweet_sharna crochet circles sweet_sharna crochet bow sweet_sharna crochet dream catchers sweet_sharna crochet grannies sweet_sharna crochet square

sweet_sharna (7 above)

sweetwishboutique crochet teether rings


thatgirlwhocrochets crochet dreamcatcher thatgirlwhocrochets crochet triangles

crochet dreamcatcher and triangle squares from thatgirlwhocrochets (2 above)

thegirllovesyarn blocking crochet doily thegirllovesyarn crochet dino thegirllovesyarn crochet snowman

thegirllovesyarn (3 above)

woolyana doily crochet woolyana crochet doily


xtinerat crochet blanket


Special Thanks

To crochetlife who shared a photo of Crochet Saved My Life:

crochetlife crochet book

My Crochet On Instagram

I didn’t realize until I looked back that I was no quite a granny trend this week – granny squares, granny triangles, granny stripes … But there are some other things in there as well.

cotton crochet

One of my older cotton crochet pillows, pulled out of storage


crochet art

My mom’s crochet art … love what she’s doing lately with crochet!

crochet granny stripes crohet flower

Crochet flower, my tutorial on Craftsy

felted crochet granny granny square crochet granny stripe cushion granny triangle crochet oversized crochet scarf yarn yarn store

yarn store 2 yarn store 3

Yarn store in Sebastopol; the photo above is some of what I bought while I was there


Getting ready to begin my contribution to The World’s Largest Stocking

More …



San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


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