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It’s Monday afternoon and I’m having trouble getting much accomplished beyond working on a cozy oversized double crochet Lion Brand Homespun scarf. It was a school weekend for me, which is rich in connections and experiences and learning but just draining in terms of energy use. So it’s no surprise that I’m sleepy, as that’s what always happens on the Monday after school weekends. I decided to at least open the computer and see if that could motivate me to get going on anything work-like.

simone rocha 2013 crochet

What I’ve been doing since I got online is browsing the Luisa via Roma website, looking at the designer fashion that I don’t ever purchase but sometimes enjoy as eye candy. Specifically, I’ve been looking at what they offer in crochet and I came across these terrific crochet gloves by Simone Rocha:

simone rocha designer crochet gloves

Continuing through the Luisa via Roma collection, I discovered that there’s a dress with a matching style. Not that I would likely wear the gloves with the dress myself, as I like a funky pairing more than a matchy one, but I like the inspiration as a fashion collection.

crochet simone rocha designer dress

I went over to Rocha’s website to learn more about her and discovered that the Irish designer graduated with an MA fashion degree from the prestigious St. Martin’s College in London. Her first collection showed at London Fashion Week in 2011 and by 2013 she had earned several fashion awards. She’s opened several fashion shop-in-shops and shown her work in the Tate Modern. Net-a-porter says of Simone, “Her innovative collections focus on clean color palettes and experimental fabric techniques – expect a mix of cellophane-wrapped skirts and heavily-embroidered lace.”

simone rocha crochet designer skirt

It’s no surprise to me that she incorporates crochet into her work since there’s also historically been crochet in the work of her famous fashion design father John Rocha. The NY Times reports that Simone remembers, “growing up in her father’s studio, learning to knit and crochet at the arm of his textile designer”. The Independent elaborates: “Rocha learnt to crochet herself one season age 14, when her father’s socks had a line of the stuff running through them and the whole family was drafted in to help.”


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