neoprene crochet skirt

I was recently browsing on the Luisa Via Roma website, looking at all of the beautiful designer crochet that expensive brand names have produced. While I was there, I came across natargeorgiou, a brand that I didn’t know before. I’m loving what they do in crochet.

About natargeorgiou


Photo via natargeorgiou Instagram

I navigated over to the natargeorgiou website where I learned that the brand’s name comes from the last names of the London-educated co-founders: Dimos Natar and Andreas Georgiou. They presented their first collection during Spring / Summer ’12 Paris Fashion Week. They specialize in knitwear and have their designs stocked globally in places as diverse as Italy, China, Lebanon and Kuwait.

Totem Fashion writes,

“The designer duo natargeorgiou refer to their designs as ‘second skin’, complimenting every curve and seducing the human eye with the finest manner to make every woman feel simply beautiful.”

Unconventional Crochet

What I loved in the items that I discovered through LuisaViaRoma is how the designers combine traditional crochet with unconventional materials such as neoprene. Just take a look at this skirt (the first item that made the brand catch my eye):

neoprene crochet skirt 2

You can see that there is traditional crochet worked over the neoprene along with other techniques (cross-stitch perhaps?) The back of the skirt is just the plain black neoprene with a zipper and this crochet and embroidery work is overlaid on the front. Here’s a look at the same skirt with its matching crochet bomber jacket that is worked in the same style over neoprene:

crochet jacket and skirt

I believe, based on the natargeorgiou Facebook albums, that these pieces are from the Spring/ Summer ’15 Collection.

A Little Bit Lighter

crochet vest

This crochet vest has a similar technique but it’s worked over cotton instead of neoprene (although it does have a neoprene lining). The pockets are embroidered and then they have a crochet edging. This one has a more lightweight appearance than the darker neoprene pieces, I think. There is a crochet / embroidered dress in the same style:

crochet dress

Added Texture

designer crochet dress

In this example, the cotton crochet is placed on top of the dress in a style similar to that on the skirt but then there is an additional layer of mesh placed atop the crochet. This creates a unique effect where the classic crochet is playing peek-a-boo with us. The exact same technique is used on this mixed media crochet sweater:

crochet sweater

Not Crochet But Cute

There are also a few fashion pieces in this natargeorgiou collection that aren’t crochet but that complement the crochet well with the mesh style that we start to see in those last textured pieces.

cropped net fashion shirt

This one is a cropped net mesh overlay sweater with a skirt that also incorporates mesh

laser cut fashion skirt

And here we have a laser cut skirt


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