2014 crochet

As the year comes to an end, I’m doing a look back at all of the crochet stuff featured on this blog in 2014. We’ve already looked at crochet artcrochet books and people who crochet. Today we’ll look at crochet fashion.

sister by sibling crochet swimwear

Sister by Sibling

coachella crochet fashion

Coachella Crochet Fashion


Katie Jones Crochet Fashion

patchwork crochet dress

ASOS Crochet Fashion

celiab crochet fashion

CeliaB Crochet Fashion

crochet halter top

Urban Outfitters Crochet

crochet purse

6 Red Envelope Crochet Items

crochet purse

Fair Trade Crochet: Mar Y Sol

vogue crochet fashion accessories

Vogue Knitting Crochet 2014

crochet fashion

Rachel Decker – Student Crochet Fashion Designer

Lisa Maree Crochet Swimsuits

Stunning 2014 Crochet Swimsuits

Indra Dovydėnaitė beautiful crochet

Crochet Artwear by Indra Dovydenaite

rodarte freeform crochet dress


john rocha crochet panel dress

John Rocha

crochet vest granny square

Miu Miu Resort 2015

high fashion rodel crochet

Helen Rodel High Fashion Crochet

givenchy crochet fashion

Crochet on the Spring 2015 Runways

designer crochet

14 Examples of High Fashion Crochet


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