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I have a mailing list for people who are interested in sharing their crochet stories with me and my readers. I am about to send out a list of interview questions to those people who want to do email interviews. It will be going out tomorrow so if this is something that interests you, sign up for that mailing list now. Not sure if you want to participate? Below are some of the FAQs that people have about sharing stories with me.

Q: What does it mean that I can share my crochet story with you?

A: I am committed to using my writing skills and passion for crochet to help other people share their crochet health stories with the world using an email interview format. If you choose to be interviewed, you will receive an initial set of questions that you can answer at your own pace via email. Those initial questions are “stock” questions. When I’m ready to complete the write-up of your interview I’ll send you any additional personal follow-up questions. You are always welcome to answer only as much or as little as you’d like and to share your thoughts in your own words.

Q: What if my story isn’t that interesting?

A: So many people worry about this and it makes me so sad because I truly, honestly believe that every individual voice matters and every personal story is interesting. Whatever your experience with crochet and health, I’m here to listen and be a witness for the sharing of that story and to help it find its place in the world where it can inspire others.

Q: Where will this be published?

A: There are a variety of places where interviews / articles might be published. These include my own blog (Crochet Concupiscence), other crochet/craft/health blogs, digital magazines, print magazines, and future book projects. Note that when you answer the initial set of interview questions you will have the opportunity to let me know up front if there are places that you do or do not want this work published.

Q: Can I be anonymous?

A: Yes. I encourage people to share their stories in whatever way is right for them. I will say that most people who have been anonymous in the past wished later they had shared their names but that’s totally up to you and is also something you can let me know when you return your email interview.

Q: Will I get paid for sharing my story?

A: Unfortunately I’m not in a position to offer compensation for these stories. Believe me, I wish that I were. I run Crochet Concupiscence all by myself in addition to the other work that I do plus being in grad school so money’s tight around here.

Q: Can you link to my website/blog/Etsy/etc?

A: Usually, yes. There are some caveats because occasionally when I write for another site they limit what I can share but in general I can help you promote your stuff with links. There will be a place for you to share those links with me in the initial interview.

Q: When will I be interviewed? When will it be published?

A: I will send out an initial email interview shortly to everyone on this mailing list. You can answer that as quickly or as slowly as you would like. I believe that all people’s stories come in the time that’s right for them. That said, there are ~3000 people on this mailing list and I’ll be going through the interviews in a sort of first come – first served style that will begin in November and continue on throughout 2015. I can’t guarantee when your interview will be published. I can guarantee that I will be giving each story the time and attention that it deserves.

Q: I still have questions. Who should I ask?

A: Email me at kathryn.vercillo on gmail with any questions.
Now what? If you are interested in the possibility of sharing your crochet story (at whatever pace works for you) then get on this email list now. You’ll receive the initial set of interview questions shortly.


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