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In these days leading up to holiday shopping and Small Business Saturday, I thought I’d share some information about some of the cool Scoutmob makers that are selling handcrafted crochet right now. Today I’ll share Radka Design.

radka design

Radka Osickova combines traditional crochet techniques with additional metalworking techniques to create beautiful wire crochet jewelry. I love the intricacy and elegance of her designs.

puzzle crochet earrings

Puzzle Crochet Earrings; she also has a matching puzzle crochet necklace

She shares on Etsy:

“Fascinated by anything made by hand, she learned the secrets of crochet, knitting and sewing at an early age. Later she studied fashion design at Louisiana State University where she took a jewelry class her last semester. She discovered silver wire then, and with her crochet hook started creating jewelry pieces. She moved to New York City where she worked in the fashion industry for several years, and in her spare time worked on her jewelry until the day came to quit her fashion job and devote her time to her jewelry.”

crochet jewelry

Two-toned lariat crochet necklace

crochet wire earrings

Open Pattern Crochet Earrings

And adds about her designs:

“Today the forged pieces have blossomed into a dynamic collection. It features groups of distinct shapes and dimensions, but all the work contains the intriguing unions of crochet and metal, lightness and strength. Some collection pieces are small and shy and some are big and bold, just as the designer herself, who is a Gemini. All pieces are very airy and lightweight.”

crochet wire jewelry

Minaret Crochet Necklace

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