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Several of you offered generous donations of yarn to the veteran Joe that I wrote about on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to share an update from him …

“I got a message from the local women’s refuge this past week. It seems they are in need of Lovey blankets. I had not made any before and didn’t even know what they were until I looked them up for a crochet pattern. I was surprised at how small they are and I began to crochet them right away with the little bit of baby yarn that I had.

I had vowed that I would let those who make baby stuff make baby stuff and I would make the other stuff but I can’t just turn away someone with a specific request. I made 4 blankets in a couple of days and would have made more but I ran out of baby yarn. I had 5 yards left when I stopped and sent my son to the mailbox and to open the gates for when his mother returns from work. He returned carrying a nice sized box. It seems a very generous person read this blog and sent a medium box of goodies. The box was chock full of yarn. In that yarn was specifically 4 large skeins of baby yarn! Yep quite similar to what I had just run out of. I was not sure how or where I would come up with more baby yarn. There were a lot of other great yarns too that I am most certain I will use in the very near future.

I immediately began to look for an address so I could write a thank you note to this person. This yarn will mean so much for little kids whisked away from their entire worlds, sometimes in the middle of the night with nothing but the clothes on their backs. These Loveys might give these little kids a bit of comfort for some months following that disruption. The yarn was given anonymously and with a great deal of generosity and it arrived in just the nick of time. I want to thank that person and so I silently do as I crochet yet another lovey because of them.”


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