Earlier this month I shared some of my favorite crochet art featured in Link Love posts so far this year on the blog. But there are so many more that I thought I’d do another roundup.

freeform crochet

@crochetkween answered the question What is Freeform Crochet?

crochet art

Suz Place played with creating crochet inspired by aboriginal art and has started a Pinterest board for her inspirations.

crochet art

@lionbrandyarn shared the amazing crochet art of Nathan Vincent in 7 Wonders of The Yarn World; @HuffPost had an interview with Nathan Vincent

crochet pigeon

I loved the @knithacker roundup of knit and crochet pigeons. It included two from crochet artist Laurel Roth and one from Anne-Claire Petit. I then did my own roundup of crochet pigeons.

I’m loving this yarnbombing documentary, which I found thanks to a post by @kpwerker

kate jenkins crochet candy art

New crochet art shared by Kate Jenkins

crochet kaleidoscope

Amanda of The Natural Dye Studio shared some of the workings of her Kaleidoscope CAL project. This one is from Agrarian Artisan.

valentines crochet art

And this was some Valentine’s Crochet Art by Kate Jenkins

crochet mont blanc

Crochet Mont Blanc Art by @twinkiechan

crochet bird art

Crochet Bird Art by Creative Carmelina

Xenobia Bailey Alter Ego Sistah Paradise The Huntress Gatherer_08.

Crochet artist Xenobia Bailey had work in a new four artist exhibition in Brooklyn

yarnbomb cow

Crochet and Knit Yarnbomb Cow shared by Bunny Mummy


@jessicapolka shares her lessons from crocheting alcohol dehydrogenase

crochet potholders

@crochetme shared a terrific selection of beautiful crochet potholders that are definitely worthy of turning into wall art for the home!

plarn art

Something in the Water Plarn Eco-Art Crochet Project Growing in Brazil

crochet freeform

@gingerbreadbun explores playing with freeform crochet

yarnbomb van

@byhaafner shared the yarnbombed van/ market stand of a local Thai yarn shop

rock crochet

L is For Love shared some of her crochet around rocks; have you seen my roundup of crochet covered stone art?

crochet coral reef

@freshstitches shared this crochet coral reef in Australia

freeform crochet scarf

Reversible freeform crochet scarf by Renate Kirkpatrick

fisch crochet wire coral

Profile of Crochet Artist Arline Fisch by @Derryerkan

crochet words art

Crochet Words Printable Art via @repeatcrafterme

wire crochet asawa

“Christie’s offers a Best of Best exhibition in Hong Kong that promises to showcase sterling quality works of art from the Asian fold and Ruth Asawa is a phenomenal discovery.” (news source with a nice profile of crochet artist Ruth Asawa)

crochet art

New crochet and knit art show featuring the work of Ann Tilley

crochet art

@TheFiberFriend on Examiner did a post on VK Live and included a slideshow of some of the work including this crochet art by Ashley v. Blalock

crochet bike

Crochet bike represents “the story of how farmers look after the national park environment whilst supplying natural materials that are manufactured into products.”

crochet lamps

@lastejeymaneje shared the crochet lamps of @naomipaul; see more crochet lamps here

su ami mini crochet ladybug

@molliemakes did a roundup of the crochet art by Su Ami, who I’ve featured in roundups of microcrochet


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