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Craftsy offers so many great online crochet classes. But, of course, most of them cost money and that can prevent some people from trying them out to see if the classes are right for them. Well did you know that Craftsy also offer a free mini class where you get a taste of the Craftsy class experience without paying a dime? Amazing Crochet Textures is taught by Drew Emborsky, better known as The Crochet Dude.

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5 Awesome Things You’ll Learn About Crochet Texture

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Drew’s class shares a lot of great information including some crochet basics and some great tips for blocking your finished project. But the main thing that you’ll get out of this class is a set of tools that you can use to add texture to any type of crochet project that you might want to do. Here are the five core things that I think you’ll learn in this class:

  • How to crochet and use post stitches. Post stitches are my personal favorite way to add textures to projects. I have made crochet blankets entirely of post stitches and love their thickness and heavy weight. I’ve also made dishcloths and a bathroom rug using crochet post stitches. So if you haven’t learned this crochet skill, yet, I’d personally say that this free online crochet class is worth it just for that.
  • Crochet cables. Post stitches naturally develop into the next skill to learn which is cabling in crochet. Crochet cables are, in my opinion, an advanced technique so they’re great to learn if you’re looking to take your crochet to the next level and/ or want to find a way to make your projects look more special.
  • Reading crochet charts. While this isn’t specific to crochet texture, I think it’s a good advanced skill to learn (one I haven’t mastered yet) and Drew includes some good tips in lesson three of the class.
  • Beadwork in crochet. I would not have thought of it myself but it makes so much sense that one way to add texture to crochet is to add beads. Drew has an entire lesson on adding beads to crochet and it’s a great part of this free online class.
  • Tips for joining. Like with reading charts, this isn’t necessarily specific to texture work in crochet but it helps a lot to know how to finish your item properly if you want it to look good and Drew gives us great info on that, with specific info on how it applies to textured crochet work. Very helpful!

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More About Craftsy Free Mini Crochet Classes

The free mini class offers a lot more than I originally expected it would. There are some things missing from the class as compared to the classes you pay for. For example, instructors aren’t required to answer questions in the free classes (which is totally fair since they’ve already given so much time to create a professional free class for us!) But overall, you get a lot from the free class – video lessons that are clearly organized and build your crochet skills, access to the class community where you can share projects with each other, and the online ability to work at your own pace.

Take the Crochet Class

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Ready to try it? Sign up now to take this free crochet class, no strings attached.

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