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I’m adoring the work of crochet artist Barbara De Pirro who works with plarn placed in nature to create stunning images and send a message. She works with plastic bag crochet (as well as other plastic mixed media) to create series of art that mimics nature. I love the juxtaposition of something that damages the earth (plastic) with beautiful design that looks like natural beauty. It feels really powerful.

About Crochet Artist Barbara De Pirro

plarn crochet bags detail

I love what Barbara writes in one of her blog profiles:

“I am fascinated by the brilliance and resilience of nature while at the same time its fragility & vulnerability. I surround myself with its many forms, surfaces and textures. Nature is as much a part of my life as it is the impetus for all my artwork.”

The artist lives in a rural part of Washington State. In an interview she says,

My art is ignited by my obsession with nature, its brilliance of form and function and its resilience; at the same time its fragility and vulnerability. I create with a range of reclaimed materials, re-inventing and transforming them into sculptural forms. It began as an environmental statement, a re-creation of discarded plastics, transforming this over-abundant, synthetic material into organic sculpture and installation, a deliberate and conscious juxtaposition between material and form.”

In addition to crochet she uses threading, sewing, stitching, weaving and other fiber techniques in her work with unconventional material.

Flora Plastica Crochet Art

I’m showcasing pieces from three different crochet installations that De Pirro has done, which can all be explored more completely on her website. The first one is called Flora Plastica.

crochet plastic bag art detail

crochet plastic bag art

crochet plastic bag art installation

Roots and Vines Crochet Art

This series is probably my favorite of the three plarn art installations:

plarn crochet roots

plarn crochet art

plarn crochet art

plarn crochet art

Fungo Crochet Art

This is a really unique approach to plarn art and is really striking to me.

plarn crochet art

fungo crochet art detail

plarn crochet art

Other Crochet Sculptures

In addition to her installations, Barbara De Pirro has a number of other pieces of crochet art. Some are made with fiber and acrylic. Here are just a few.

sculpture crochet

plarn crochet sculpture

crochet sculpture

crochet fiber and acrylic

crochet acrylic art

acrylic crochet

Other Similar Crochet Artists

Some of the artists that I’m reminded of when I look at Barbara de Pirro’s work include:

crochet plarn flower

Crochet Artist Jerry Bleem

plarn art

Plarn crochet artist Julie Kornblum

mandy greer crochet art book

Crochet artist Mandy Greer


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