Last month I shared that I had donated my own WIPs and granny squares to @yarnbomber for inclusion in a big upcoming collborative art project. I’ve been following along on Instagram to see other people’s donations and it’s just amazing to see the massive number of contributions that people have sent in.

yarnbomb art donations crochet

The donation period is now closed and the work is being gathered together and stitched up by the artist and a team of helpers for the big Lizard’s Mouth Yarnbomb next month.

crochet art collaboration

I was especially excited to see that Crochet Grenade donated some work from her art exhibit (which @yarnbomber had actually originally donated to her. So cool!

Here are some more donations for your yarn eye candy pleasures.

yarnbomber crochet donations

Please visit Yarnbomber’s Instagram account and click on the individual pictures to learn about each person who has donated.

yarnbomber donations

The artist has taken a lot of time to honor each person with their own recognition in posts showcasing their donations.

collaborative crochet art donation

crochet art donation

crochet art granny squares donation

It’s very special.

crochet granny square

By the way, this artist is also working on breaking the world record for the world’s largest granny square.


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  1. carolrmckay Reply

    Fabby Fun ! :)

    My favourite is that lovely big cuddly cosy colourful granny square blanket, aaahh.

  2. CrochetBlogger Reply

    carolrmckay And it’s just gonna get bigger and bigger!

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