The truth is that I’ve never had much desire to go to Coachella. I know it’s just about the most popular US music festival there is and I’m sure I’d enjoy a lot of the music but there’s something about the multi-day crowded music festival thing that just doesn’t appeal to me. What does appeal to me is the great crochet fashion that people always sport at Coachella, so as soon as it’s over I always take to the blogs and social media sites to search out the photos of the crochet fashion. Here’s this year’s finds.

paris hilton crochet dress

Paris Hilton in a crochet dress

coachella crochet fashion

Victoria and Madison Justice; love that crochet circle top!

crochet swimsuit

And again in a crochet swimsuit

crochet swimsuit coachella

Which was a hot look

crochet monokini

Worn in many different ways

vogue crochet crop top

This looks like a crochet crop top to me

crochet vest and skirt

Loving this crochet maxi skirt. The vest looks like it may be crochet also.

crochet dress coachella

Swimsuit-inspired crochet dress

crochet bikini top

Crochet bikini top

crochet crop top

Julianne Hough in crochet top

crochet edging

Crochet-edged top

crochet jumper

Crochet romper

crochet swimsuit top

Another crochet swimsuit top

crochet overlay

Overshirt might be crochet, shawl in the background looks like it as well

granny square coachella

Granny square top

rainbow granny square crochet

Similar style in rainbow crochet

And more:

coachella crochet fashion

coachella crochet fashion

coachella crochet fashion

crochet coachella
coachella crochet fashion

coachella crochet fashion

coachella crochet fashion

coachella crochet fashion

crochet fashion monokini style

crochet coachella fashion top

Image sources: Hollywood Life, Vogue, LA Weekly, Elle UK, Cosmo UK, Paste Magazine, Racked, Nylon, Pinterest


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  1. wherethepixiesroam Reply

    What a crochet feast for the eyes! My faves are the maxi skirt, the crochet romper, and I like the top 3rd from the bottom worn with the jeans. I like how she wore converse pineapple stitch dress 2nd from the bottom. I love a good music festival!

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