I swear that every single month of this year I’ve thought to myself (and usually said to others: “how the heck is it a new month already?!” 2013 is just flying by and it’s been jam-packed with things both good and bad for me. I’ve been filling the blog with crochet news and inspiration but I haven’t said much about what’s happening in my own crochet world lately so I thought I’d take a little bit of time to do that today.

Decluttering Like Crazy

living room

One of the things that I’ve focused on a lot in 2013 and really ramped up in June was the decluttering of my life. I’m an avid de-clutterer. I love to get rid of stuff. There’s probably a whole lot of background and psychology as to why that it is but at the core I just really believe that it’s good to let things go in order to make room for new things and I believe that doing this physically with our space allows us to do it emotionally on a deeper level as well. Since I’m about to start grad school and going through some other major changes in my life I really feel like I’m ready to embrace the next stage of things and that’s required some letting go in my life.


I’ve been letting go of attachments to certain monetary things. I’ve been letting go of ideas about myself that no longer apply to who I am today. I’ve been letting fo of expectations I held on to for things I thought I should be doing but wasn’t really committed to doing after all. And all of this really started with letting go of many of the material things that were left in my home. I de-stashed. I donated. I re-organized. I worked to make sure that the items left on display and in my closets and drawers are items that all mean something to me right now, not things that once meant something or things that I hope will be useful someday. On the outside this may look like I’m just puttering around and cleaning but it’s made room for great transitions on the inside.


crochet flowers

In the process of decluttering I came across a bunch of hidden WIPs – mostly but not entirely crochet WIPs. I always think of myself as someone who has just one or two projects going at a time and doesn’t have WIPs but if I look honestly in the crevices of my closets I find that isn’t true. I felt motivated to do something about many of those projects lately. Some were actually completed items that never found a home and those just got donated. Most were uncompleted projects and I either got rid of them, repurposed them or finished them. It feels good. There are still some WIPs waiting but the stack is smaller and more importantly it’s an organized stack of items I actually do want to work on.

New Crochet Projects

crochet earbud holder

I’ve finally recently started some new crochet projects as well. The truth is that for the first half of this year I didn’t do a whole lot of crocheting. I love crochet. I believe that crochet saved my life and will be an important mental health tool for years to come. But that doesn’t mean that I always want to crochet and I had to admit that to myself. I thought that I “should” be crocheting because crafting and writing about craft is what I do. Heck I’m working on a new book that requires me to practice crochet as research. Once I let go of the “should” and worked on some other things the motivation to crochet came back and I actually started a few things. Mostly I’ve been working on small, instant gratification projects.

crochet scarf

You can see some sneak peeks of my recent crochet work in the photos in this post. I’ll be sharing more information about them in the days to come.

What About the Blog?

crochet skirt

I’m continuing to get daily posts up here on the blog even though the blog itself hasn’t been a major focus of my life over the past few months. For awhile I was really committed to growing my following and establishing Crochet Concupiscence as a major blog. While I love the reach of this blog and certainly want to keep attracting more readers I’ve become more interested in focusing on other things and just letting this blog be a space where I enjoy sharing what I know about crochet. I don’t know if as a reader you can tell any difference at all in this shift in philosophy (I’d love your thoughts on that) but it makes the blogging more enjoyable for me and I hope it’s still bringing you as readers the things you want to learn about and explore in crochet. I try to stay active on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Sulia but I don’t always get the chance to respond to people as quickly as would be nice. It’s a compromise I’m making as I divvy up my time as best as I know how.

I Am Here


I’m happy. I’m busy. I’m learning, exploring, adventuring and working hard to be true to that inner creative voice. I’m updating my personal blog regularly and writing and starting to study for my new degree program and enjoying the people that I am lucky to have in my life. Not all things that have happened in 2013 have been positive for me. Many have been challenging. But they have been valuable and I have been present in my life as they’ve happened. I hope that you are present as well, focusing on self-care and the people and things that you love. I’m happy to have you visiting me and I look forward to sharing more as the new month (yes, another new month!) continues.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. icrochetinoh Reply

    Keep up the great work and focus on yourself as you seem to have ti will make things seem better.  Glad you are moving forward.

  2. undergroundcrafter Reply

    It sounds like you are bringing a lot of positivity into your home space.  I’m working on doing the same, but my apartment (which my partner has lived in since he was 1 years old) has so much clutter that it is definitely a long process.  I think it’s great that you are letting go of the “shoulds” that were burdening you – both with crochet and the blog.

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