In all of the years that I have been crocheting I never before felt the urge to crochet washcloths or dishcloths. It’s not that I was opposed to it; I just never really thought about it too much and always had other projects on the brain. However, in getting back to crochet after a bit of a hiatus I found dishcloths calling my name. I started to work on a bunch of them and have really been getting a lot out of them.

crochet dishcloth detail

Benefits of Crocheting Washcloths

So far what I’ve loved about these simple crochet projects includes:

crochet washcloth

  • Instant Gratification. Life has been full of ups and downs lately and I needed some easy “wins” under my belt. A simple crochet project that can be completed in a sitting is a great way to bring your life the feeling that you’ve accomplished something even in the midst of a little bit of chaos and the long trudge towards bigger goals.
  • Meditative Crochet. When I first started crocheting these dishcloths I just worked rows and rows of really basic stitches. The first ones were just half double crochet. Later I did some textured crochet dishcloths by alternating single and double crochets across a row. Such repetition offers all of the benefits of mindfulness crochet.
  • Stashbusting. I almost never crochet with cotton. Cotton is perfect for dishcloths. I have lots of crochet cotton in my stash and therefore these projects are allowing me to further declutter and stashbust. That feels great.
  • Endless Possibilities. Although I’ve been working mostly on these simple stitches, I’m also getting excited about the many possibilities there are for crocheting more interesting dishcloths, practicing new stitch patterns and even exploring different ways to display the work once I’ve got a whole stack of them.

Ideas for Displaying Crochet Washcloths

crochet dishcloth blue

I did an article recently for Crochet Today showing beautiful crochet potholder displays. In one of those displays there was a set of potholders just stacked beautifully with some color-matching items in the kitchen. That got me thinking that there are probably some cute ways to display crochet washcloths and dishcloths too. Here’s what I’ve found for inspiration:

crochet dishcloths on line

Best Free Crochet shared how a display of crochet dishcloths hanging from clotheslines.

crochet washcloths

I like the idea of stacking them by color like Etsy’s ; you could add a paperweight or other decorative object on top.

crochet bath

I love this display that @lionbrandyarn uses for their free crochet cloth patterns; would work great in many homes.

crochet scrubbies

Etsy’s puts crochet scrubbies in a matching crochet basket; washcloths could be stored the same way.

crochet dishcloths on bowl

Kaboodle shows a display of dishcloths on a wooden bowl.

crochet washcloth

Etsy’s does a great job of pairing like-colored crochet cloths together and bringing out the color with a similar-hued kitschy object.

dishcloth display crochet

Beautiful crochet cloth display via Make Me Do

Do you crochet dishcloths? Do you display them?


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  1. icrochetinoh Reply

    I crochet them but don;t necessarily display them really nowhere to do that in my house. I’m having a problem with your G+ button.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      icrochetinoh Hm, I’m not sure what type of problem was happening with G+. I don’t see anything wrong. By the way, I do know that there’s a continued Android app problem but I’m not sure right now how to resolve it. Hadn’t forgotten!

  2. Babycakes Creates Reply

    I have never crocheted (or knitted) a dishcloth because I didn’t know if it was worth the effort to make items that won’t last too long. (At least, not the way I seem to go through dishcloths!) That seems silly after seeing all of your lovely examples!

  3. jodiebodiecrochets Reply

    Further to the example of dishclothes on the washing line, it would be very easy to just create a chain loop on a corner of the dishtowel for hanging on doorknobs or a row of wallpegs, cup hooks or coat hooks. I have a couple of ignition buttons on the front of my stove and I will frequently hang towels by their loops over those knobs because they are higher and easier to reach than the rails on the oven doors.

  4. cherryred247 Reply

    homemade dishcloths last forever. Sure they fade overtime with use, but I’ve yet to have one come apart from daily use. Of course, you have to be careful when washing knives. If you slide the blade through against the cloth it will cut it up. LOL

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  6. I love using cotton yarn! I’ve been in Assisted Living for a year & as soon as the ladies “discovered” I could, I started getting all kinds of orders. Two ladies wanted basically the same thing: washcloths for one & dishcloths for the other. They each paid for half a cone of Sugar & Cream cotton yarn & said surprise me when I asked for a color. I picked a bright yellow & crochet each with ridges, back loop only. They really like them & I’m making some for myself!

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