If you follow this blog regularly then you know who Nathan Vincent is. I first did a profile of his work back in 2011 after reading about his crochet locker room, which had at the time just been in an exhibit at Bellevue Arts Museum. Last year I shared how that same piece was included in a great multi-artist show called The Mysterious Content of Softness. And I’ve included his terrific unique crochet art in various roundups from the best male crochet artists to crochet taxidermy. I’ve mentioned in passing that he accepts yarn donations but I’ve never discussed it in detail and now is a great time because the artist is in need of donations for a big upcoming project that he’s doing as part of his artist residency that starts in August.

nathan vincent crochet art donation yarn

Nathan’s Request for Yarn

nathan vincent crochet art

Nathan says:

“Over the years many of you have offered me your yarn stash (you know, that huge pile of scrap yarn left over from various projects that never seems to get any smaller) and while I have appreciated every offer, until now I just haven’t had the space or need.

That’s all changed! My next project requires lots and lots of yarn- and it doesn’t all have to be the same color/brand/type! If the ball is as big as your fist or larger, I can definitely use it!

I’ll begin work on this project at my residency in Vermont starting August 15th, so time’s-a-ticking.”

What’s The Yarn For?

nathan vincent filet crochet

Nathan is going to be working on a new project. Here’s what he has to say about it so far:

“I haven’t fully conceptualized the project yet, but for now it is dealing with weaknesses and embracing our humanity, instead of always trying to control everything/others. It is more “drawing based” but still uses yarn and crochet.”

Nathan’s Crochet Artist Statement

nathan vincent crochet gas mask

From Nathan’s website:

“I am exploring power structures and the roles we play in society at large but also in our own smaller communities- and the relative morality between those worlds. Through the medium of crochet I have moved across ideas of gender permissions – and how societal constructs often dictate the roles we play – to larger and more universal ideas of vulnerability, power and control, surveillance, and technology.”

3 Good Reasons to Donate Yarn to An Artist

nathan vincent crochet

  1. It supports crochet art. This is a unique area of art that is getting some good attention recently and you can support it!
  2. Yarn you are never going to use gets put to good use. Send an artist those extra balls of yarn that you don’t want to waste but know you won’t use.
  3. De-stashing your yarn makes room for new yarn in your own home. It’s fun to yarn shop, give yourself the space to do it!

Ready to Donate Yarn?

nathan vincent crochet cigars

You can email any questions to Nathan at [email protected] Or you can just send your donation to:

BCA (attention Nathan Vincent)
135 Church Street
Burlington, VA 05401

Although it’s not required, it would be great if you include a note with your name and address or other contact information so Nathan knows who the awesome yarn donor was.

Crochet Queen Gwen Blakley Kinsler was the first to point me in the direction of this crochet news although others, including Nathan himself, contacted me about it as well. I didn’t receive any sort of compensation or sponsorship for mentioning it.


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