Today’s crochet inspiration is to let you know that the Occupational Therapy Department of Elizabethtown College launched a new club this school year for students who want to knit/ crochet to help others in need.

Stitch2Serve Crochet Club

The Etownian (Elizabethtown’s College Paper) shared last semester:

Stitch2Serve, a group dedicated to creating knitted, crocheted, sewn and other handcrafted clothing for those less fortunate, has recently made its debut on campus. Their mission is to “serve the local and global community in meeting its tangible needs for comfort, clothing, and shelter, as well as its social-emotional needs,” junior and club president Laura Kleindienst said. “Additionally, club members will establish and strengthen relationships with each other and community members through learning and social activities involving textile arts.” The organization also focuses on fundraising for both the association itself and the community.

Why The OT Department

“The inspiration behind this association came from occupational therapy majors who learn to knit and crochet during their first year of college as part of the department’s curriculum. After numerous students made efforts to create a club that utilizes their new skills while helping the community, occupational therapy lecturer Linda Leimbach finally initiated an official organization.”

I am thrilled to see that the college’s OT department has students learn to knit and crochet. It can be a terrific part of occupational therapy for people dealing with a variety of different situations, something I discuss in my book Crochet Saved My Life.

I Hope This Inspires You To:

  • Learn about the occupational therapy benefits of crochet
  • Crochet something for a good cause, possibly with a local craft group
  • Find out if your local area college has a crochet club and considering donating some hooks or yarn

I’m continuing to work through my own personal transitions but I still have lots of crochet inspiration to share with you this month.


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