As I mentioned yesterday (and previously) there are some changes going on around here that have put a pause or shift on some of my weekly series here on Crochet Concupiscence. One of those is Link Love, my usual Saturday series where I link you up to the best posts in crochet from around the web throughout the week.

I love doing link love but it’s definitely time consuming so throughout April it’ll be going through some changes. In fact, it’s part of the bigger changes to come on this blog that I’m actually really excited about. In the meantime, I’ll be doing some abbreviated Link Love shares on the weekends to keep things flowing. And you can always see all of the different crochet posts I’m loving and sharing by following my activity on Sulia.

For this week, I thought I’d link you up to the ten best free crochet patterns shared around the web this week.

1. Crochet Bow Cuff Pattern

crochet bow cuff pattern

I’m adoring this free crochet jewelry pattern designed by Debi of Dly’s Hooks and Yarns!

2. Crochet Fruit Coasters

crochet fruit coasters

Get several free crochet patterns in one with the @RepeatCrafterMe post on making these fruit coasters. Adorable!

3. Easy Crochet Headband Pattern

crochet headband pattern

The Kraft Farm offered a great tutorial for crocheting around hair ties and headbands. Adorn them with a flower for more embellishment and personalization. Great instant gratification crochet project for springitme.

4. Crochet Raindrops Pattern

crochet raindrops

There is something I’m just loving about these little crochet raindrops by @fiberflux. I think it’s the fact that you can easily combine them with drawing or collage to create a multimedia art piece. They’d probably work as teardrops, too, if you were so inclined. How would you use this?

5. Crochet Owl Hat

crochet owl hat pattern

This free owl crochet hat pattern comes from @thestitchfixer

6. Lacy Chessboard Baby Blanket

crochet baby blanket pattern

A new free baby blanket crochet pattern from Lacy Crochet

7. Crochet Towel Edging


This free Crochet pattern gives you an easy way to personalize microfiber hand towels which make great gifts for all occasions.

8. Crochet Scarflette Pattern

crochet scarflette pattern

I’m truly loving this free crochet scarflette pattern from @CraftyBegonia

9. Crochet Beret Hat

crochet hat pattern

The Bridgette Beret is a free crochet hat pattern from Red Heart designed by Shari White

10. Small Crochet Flowers

crochet flower pattern

My Rose Valley shared a cute free crochet flower pattern; you can never have too many of those in my opinion!

And More Free Crochet Patterns

Lots of other crochet blogs did terrific roundups this week of free crochet patterns too. Check these out:

What was the last free crochet pattern that you used? Share your answer in the comments below!


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  1. I like the changes for link love (and everything so far, really). I can’t wait to see everything settle in. Thanks for the links!

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