Drumroll please … The winner of the 2012 award for the best pattern roundups from a crochet blogger is:

* Tamara from Moogly *

Best Crochet Pattern Roundups Award

Today’s Awesome Crochet Blog Award is for the crochet blogger who does the best job of rounding up a series of patterns into a themed list for readers. I personally do this often on my blog so I know how tough it is to do well. You need to think up a theme, find a set of patterns that fits the theme and that you think are of high quality and then compile them into a list that makes sense and inspires readers. I always perk up when I see other bloggers doing this well because it provides a service to readers who want help finding patterns and it also helps spread the word about the work of good crochet designers.

About The Winner

Tamara does a variety of different posts on Moogly blog including video tutorials. On Facebook she explains: “Moogly is all about creating unique, one of kind, and custom pieces with yarn and whatever else strikes my fancy. I design crochet and knit patterns and share them for free on my blog, and I also take commissions.” Tamara does regular pattern roundups each featuring ten free patterns around a theme.

3 Reasons The Winner Won

There are many bloggers who offer pattern roundups and links to the patterns of other people. I chose Moogly for this award because:

  1. Pattern roundups are a consistent feature of Moogly Blog. Tamara seems to feature this type of post twice each week, giving us twenty free crochet patterns to check out weekly.
  2. She adds an intro and her own photo at the start. I love the consistency of the layout of these posts. Recently I’ve noticed that Tamara adds a visual at the top of the posts showing what the theme is. She also adds an intro that helps sum up what it is that we’re looking at and why we would like these patterns.
  3. There is variety in both patterns and designers. The theme changes from post to post and gives a lot of variety in types of projects. More importantly, Tamara links to many different designers, showing the work of a lot of deserving people.

It didn’t affect my choice of winner in any way but I want to thank Moogly for reviewing Crochet Saved My Life this year. She also linked to my post on crochet + fabric projects.

What Is This Crochet Blog Award?

Not sure what this award is all about? It’s one of my annual crochet blogger awards, given out on this blog every day each December. Learn all about it here.


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  1. Congrats to Tamara! I just love Moogly! She has great roundups and her patterns are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing Tamara!! I also love your site too!! Thank you!!

  2. mooglyblog Reply

    Thank you so much!! What an honor! @CrochetBlogger RT 2012 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards: Best Pattern Roundups goes to http://t.co/aU0HImQz

  3. TamaraKelly Reply

    Thank you so much Kathryn! It’s been an amazing year, and this is such an honor!

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