Of all of the posts I read this week in the crochet blogging world, these were the ones I loved the most. Check them out now if you missed them the first time around.

Find Me On Sulia

As some of you may have noticed, I am now trying out Sulia.It’s a little bit like a combination of Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr. Basically it’s a place where I can share some of the cool crochet things that I’m see around the web, including great crochet photos. I’ve been trying to add my own comments to each post to explain why I think the item is worth sharing. For full disclosure, I get a small payment for using the site as an expert in the crochet field. If you’re interested, you can check it out and follow me here.

Something Special

Share your handmade story. CraftSanity’s Jennifer Ackerman is collecting the stories behind people’s crafts and patterns. She says:

“In a nutshell, I’m essentially asking people to tell me the stories and traditions behind the patterns and projects they make. My plan is to interview and feature the people who send in the best projects and stories. Projects and stories can be emailed to me or sent via regular mail (I enjoy crafty correspondence!) to Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, P.O. Box 888192, Grand Rapids, MI 49588.”

Monthly CAL

Do you enjoy Crochet-alongs? They provide a chance to work on new types of projects, learn new things, stay accountable to craft more frequently and share your crocheting with others. There are always lots of good CALs going on. I wanted to share one for November: The Curious Pug is hosting a granny square pillow CAL. You can join up now and then complete your pillow anytime within the month. I’m looking forward to seeing what all of the participants choose in terms of color! The Curious Pug is now doing these CALs monthly so even if you’re not interested in this one you may want to check out the site and join in next time.

Smart Crochet Words

Beautiful Crochet Works

Attic24’s Lucy made this adorable crochet French Bower Bird; see tons of photos of the process and product on her site.

MeganG crocheted this gingerbread house, which I saw in a roundup of “reader makes” from Crochet Today in a post highlighting the way different people have crafted this pattern.

Bigunki made this cute telephone!

Crochet “How To”

New Crochet Patterns

Crochet Reviews

Video of the Week

A preview of the upcoming music-themed issue of Crochet Today


I was excited when I got a drop spindle to learn yarn spinning but maybe what I really need is a LEGO yarn spinner :)

  • How to Wash Cashmere Crochet. Suz Place goes over the rules of handwashing crochet you’ve made with cashmere yarn.
  • Substituting Yarns. Crochetology shares her experiences learning about different yarn types for different projects.
  • Yarn Elections 2012. KnitPicks is giving us all the chance to vote on cotton vs. wool yarn. It’ll be interesting to see what people like the best. Also interesting is the supporting material they’ve shared telling us more about each of these yarn types.

Other Things

  • What Makes a Home Cozy? MyRoseValley shares her answer, which starts with handmade goods!
  • Are You on Craftsy? GoCrochet makes a case for checking out Craftsy and taking a few online classes.
  • 10 Awesome Reason to Buy Handmade Gifts. This Handmadeology article by Amanda of Little Note Crafts makes some good points you may want to share with your own customer base this holiday season.
  • Crochetman. Las Teje y Maneje did a roundup of photos of men wearing handmade cowls. Reminds me of the post I did awhile back called 10 Sexy Men Sporting Crochet Cowls. Another post this week that made me think of that was According to Matt’s newest crochet snood.
  • Productivity Chat. @kpwerker did a recap of what we all talked about in the October #craftsocial chat this week. I’ll do my own roundup of my participation soon and CraftSocial will be putting up a transcript as well but Kim’s recap is a great place to start.

Special Thanks

Have a terrific rest of your weekend. Happy reading!


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  1. thecuriouspug Reply

    thanks for mentioning my crochet along! that telephone is adorable :)

  2. AberrantCrochet Reply

    OMG! I could almost swear that Lego Spinner was made by my son! That’s something he would do! And thanks for the shout out once again Kathryn!

  3. susanpinner Reply

    Hi and thanks for the mention…washing instructions are for oiled cashmere only not for normal cashmere though. Sue

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @susanpinner Thanks for adding that extra info, which I should have included in my own mention!

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